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Introducing: Kenneth Brian

Kenneth Brian as Hank Sr. in Lost Highway The Life of Hank Williams

I’ve mentioned before the assorted collection of people who make up the Hank III message board . We can be a major source of annoyance most of the time, but on occasion a musical gem of a recommendation will fall out of the noise. Such is Kenneth Brian. His name has been getting mentioned for quite some time, and recently I had some money burning a hole in my pocket, so I picked up one of his releases. Kenneth Brian plays straight up Texas swing/roots country music. Having said that, his 2002 move to Nashville instead of Austin was an interesting choice. Though it has been working out for him.

“Firmly rooted in his Honky-Tonk Ways”* Kenneth’s writing draws inspiration from his life growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and his family’s West Virginia hard working roots. His lyrics reveal his years spent on the road as a musician- moving forward and looking back on what he’d left behind. His music is straight ahead Roots Country with a contemporary sharpness, fueled by a back beat of raw emotion. “The Past, Present, and Future of Country Music”

I had hoped the tour last year, when he was opening for Hank III, would make it to Tampa but no such luck. Perhaps 2007 will see Mr. Brian in the Central Florida area. Till then we have his Cd’s to listen to, but you can only buy his latest “Brighter Day” off his web site. Later this year he is supposed to be releasing a gospel CD, there are a few tracks from it streaming over on his myspace page.

Kenneth Brian - The River     

Kenneth Brian - Wide Open Spaces     

Kenneth Brian - 349     

Kenneth Brian’s Official Site, Kenneth Brian on myspace, Buy Kenneth’s Cd’s

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