Introducing: Jawbone

I had plans when I came home tonight. I was gonna write a piece on a cd and do the dishes. When I opened the front door there was a change in plans. Sitting on the sideboard was a manila envelope with a Jawbone logo in the return address area. Straight into the cd player, fire up the laptop…let’s talk Jawbone.I stumbled across this guy on myspace while following friends of other bands and the minute I heard it I knew I wanted to tell you guys about him. Jawbone is a one man lo-fi punk blues band from Detroit. His debut album “Dang Blues” was discovered and championed by John Peel in 2004. Soon after Jawbone did a small tour in London including a peel session at Miada Studios. Jawbone was signed to London based label Loose Music in July of 2004 who re-released Dang Blues shortly after as well as Hauling in 2006. Both albums were recorded in Jawbone’s basement with what could quite possibly be a cassette recorder on the opposite side of the room of his amps.

Jawbone’s band consists of him stomping a bass drum pedal, tambourine and high-hat stomps a manic slide-guitar, harmonicas and a distorted mic through which he whops, shouts, growls and sings his way through original tracks and stripped naked and shaved version of the Roger Miller classic Chug-a-lug. All of this is played with a raw and manic desperation that gives it an energy you can not help but feed into. I fell in love almost immediately. Dude reminds me of Scott Hiram Biram and as we all know, I love me some Biram. So how does some diy cd recorded in a basement on god knows what with amps powered by a 12 volt car battery become my favorite cd of the year thus far? Probably because of it’s honesty. This isn’t some “retro outfit” playing music that sounds 40 years old. This is a guy, in his basement, after work, getting it out cause he has to and I can not recommend him enough.

Jawbone – Bullcat
Jawbone – Get Rhythm (Cash Cover)
Jawbone – 4-11-44
Jawbone – Saucy Sauce

Jawbone’s Official Site, Jawbone on Myspace, Buy Jawbone’s cds.

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  1. This is some amazing shit. I’m busier than hell at work today but I had to stop everything I was doing to listen to this guys’ songs on MySpace. Good stuff.

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