Introducing: Chicken Legs Weaver

“This is music wrought from blood and bone, concrete and steel, an inner-city voodoo for the disposed and forgotten.”

Originally championed by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Chicken Legs Weaver is Andy Weaver, Jane Howden and Mik Glaisher. The Band hails from Sheffield but writes a breed of music that could easily come from the delta of the Mississippi. The band has built a following across the UK opening for act as from all genres, including: The Buzzcocks, Electric 6, Hammel on Trail and 16 Horsepower. Chicken Legs Weaver hope their deubt CD Nowhere will fall on willing ears on our side of the pond.Andy Weaver employs a growl reminiscent of Howling Wolf or Tom Waits, which is distracting at first to say the least. If you are willing to let that low rumble grow on you, you’ll find it fitting for the slow, menacing moodiness that Chicken Legs Weaver serves up. By the time you begin to learn the words you can’t imagine any other style vocals over these songs.

Nowhere, their debut album, was produced by none other than Johnny Dowd, a man I referred to as the “Bad Santa of the blues” on this here web site. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got the CD, but with Johnny Dowd attached to the project I knew it was not gonna be a straight forward blues album. Dark as a new moon midnight, some times punk, sometimes gospel, some times blues and always primal, the CD does not disappoint.

Chicken Legs Weaver – Howling Road
Chicken Legs Weaver – Your Enemy Can Not Harm You
Chicken Legs Weaver – Paper House

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