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Introducing: Brighter Than Creation's Dark cd cover:

Here is the cd cover for the upcoming Drive-By Truckers cd, Brighter Than Creation’s Dark. Artwork, as usual, was done by the incomparable Wes Freed.

Janurary 22 can not get here fast enough.

Drive-By Truckers - Ghost to Most     

Drive-By Truckers - Daddy Needs A Drink     

Here is the tracklisting:

  • Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife (Patterson)
  • Three Dimes Down (Cooley)
  • The Righteous Path (Patterson)
  • I’m Sorry Huston (Shonna)
  • Perfect Timing (Cooley)
  • Daddy Needs a Drink (Patterson)
  • Self Destructive Zones (Cooley)
  • Bob (Cooley)
  • Home Field Advantage (Shonna)
  • Opening Act (Patterson)
  • Lisa’s Birthday (Cooley)
  • The Man I Shot (Patterson)
  • Purgatory Line (Shonna)
  • The Home Front (Patterson)
  • Check Out Time In Vegas (Cooley)
  • You and Your Crystal Meth (Patterson)
  • Goode’s Field Road (Patterson)
  • A Ghost To Most (Cooley)
  • Monument Valley (Patterson)


  1. Not Cool Not Cool
    November 10, 2007    

    Did you get permission from the band to leak this?

    If not, this is way not cool.

  2. November 10, 2007    

    I was given permission by the record label.

  3. Not Cool Not Cool
    November 10, 2007    

    but not the band.

  4. mike mike
    November 10, 2007    

    bad ass cover!!! good to see cooley has a good number of songs. and who really cares about the leak (even though he had the labels permission)? look at the name of the blog! i dont think they would mind. and what about the news about the weary boys??? slacker.

  5. November 10, 2007    

    and what about the news about the weary boys?

    I sent the band an email with a few questions I am hoping they’ll answer prior to making a post about it.

  6. November 10, 2007    

    but not the band

    perhaps you know Patterson’s email address….or you have Cooley’s cell in you phone book. I am not so lucky. However, I was given permission by New West Records to post the art and IMO, that’s good enough…

    it’s a moot issue at this point. even the band’s online representative agrees it may as well stay up.

  7. hackhater hackhater
    November 11, 2007    

    Nice copy and paste job from the real Nine Bullets. Hack.

  8. November 11, 2007    

    actually, you know, if we’re gonna get all technical and shit….org took the image from here and I copy/pasted the track listing from a Pearl Jam message board.

  9. jkeough jkeough
    November 11, 2007    

    wow…im almost scared to post something,with the interwebz tough guys and all posting…..noetheless,cool art

  10. DownSouth DownSouth
    November 11, 2007    

    Did I start any trouble? Didn’t mean to.

    Is there an east coast/west coast rap feud between and

    I posted a link to your (Autopsy IV) cover art post over at the message board since I did not see anything over there. No picture just a link. Someone over there edited my post, put the picture in and deleted the link.

    BTW where the hell did the Lucero message board go?

  11. November 11, 2007    

    There is no static from my end but the .org guys don’t seem to like me too much. They feel like I squatted on their URL. I tried to explain it all to them once but they weren’t interested in hearing it. I have no issue with them though….I visit the site regularly but I do avoid posting over there so as to not ruffle their feathers.

    As for the Lucero message board…I do not know but I want it back STAT!

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