Nashville gets a bad rap and, for all intents and purposes, it’s well earned. Sure Nashville is too blame for Big & Rich. But it’s also ultimately to be thanked for Malcolm Holcombe and a whole host of other highly revered Americana artist. Ultimately, Nashville is a lot like the hub of any industry whereas the first 10 layers are gonna end up being homogenized and prebuilt for mass appeal while the real meat lies within the struggling supporting staff.

Meet Andrew Combs.

I’ve never been to Nashville but from what I am told there is a pretty legitimate underground scene of real artists making their own music and trying to make a go of it in the bright light city an,d according to my sources, Andrew is beginning to make himself quite a name in that little circle. My man Jordan, who manages 9B faves The Only Sons, turned me onto the fact that Andrew was gonna be working the Merch booth for Justin Townes Earle and Caitlin Rose recently when they came through town so I caught up with him and recorded this video:

You can pick up his EP here at his website. After getting it I kind of wish he’d chosen Tennessee Time….

Andrew Combs – Tennessee Time


  1. No, you definitely picked the right song! This brief article is such an excellent summary of the good and bad of Nashville. Thanks a lot for the video and write up.

  2. Good behind the scenes video. Thanks for taking us there to this singer I’d never heard of.

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