Introducing: American Minor

I stumbled upon American Minor while flipping through the used cd bin at my local record store. I guess the cd cover reminded me of The Legendary Shack Shakers “Believe” cover and that was enough to get me to drop 5.99 on it.

American Minor is a 5 piece rock and roll band from West Virginia. Their debut cd was released back in August of 2005 on Jive Records. Produced by founding Blind Melon members Christopher Thorn & Brad Smith, the self-titled titled debut cd is a straight ahead no-frills rock and roll record. The production quality of the cd is as polished as one would expect from a major label release.  Sometimes the band gets a little caught up in the rock and roll cliche handbook and from time to time they wear their influences on their sleeve a little too obviously. But it is supposed to be fun and fun can often be mindless as hell.

American Minor sounds like a rawer, more rocking version of The Black Crowes. The guitars are hooky as hell with strong riffs and there are no power ballads to be found on the cd. For me personally, this is one of the few cds I can toss in the player and not feel the urge to skip a song. Strong from opening screams of `Walk On’ to the telling of a neighbors suicide attempt in “Mr. Queen” to the politically charged condemnation of Bush’s liberal use of the death penalty as Texas’ governor that is “One Last Supper” this guys have put together a really strong debut release.

American Minor – Walk On
American Minor – Mr. Queen
American Minor – One Last Supper

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American Minor CD Cover Shack Shakers Believe Cover

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