Today I realized I had not done an intro in quite some time and it vexed me. I promised you folk some more Texas bands and I need to get off my ass and take care of that. So here’s an intro to a, sadly, defunct Texas band known as “Cooder Graw”. I saw these guys at the Firehouse Saloon many times over the years and their self proclaimed “Loud Country” became a staple of my music collection. I missed their last show at the Firehouse which was only a couple of days before their final show as a band and it’s one that I highly regret missing. Consisting of an assistant DA from Gray County (Matt Martindale) and a manufacturing plant manager (Kelly Turner) along with Joe Ammons, Paul Baker, Jim Wisenhunt, Nick Worely, Kelly Test and John “Fish” Hunt and with their ages ranging from 30 to 50 years old these guys weren’t the standard Stillwater crowd that was dominating the Texas/Red Dirt scene at the time. They didn’t care that they didn’t fit the mold and made music anyway and garnered a huge following consistently selling out shows all over Texas. The name “Cooder Graw” came into being because another band was using their original name “Coup de GrĂ¢ce” so they took the name and Texa-fied it so to speak. They played for about eight years before launching a final tour and leaving us with six albums of great music. After the band dissolved Matt Martindale continued to play, and still does, backed by “The Matt Martindale Band” and while his music is good it ain’t no “Cooder Graw”. And much like this fine band there’s nothing left (to say) but the music…

Kick My Ass

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2 thoughts on “INTRO: COODER GRAW”

  1. Just been playing KICK MY ASS…WHAT A BAND!!!THANKS for introducing me to this…

  2. Always good live, they played some awesome covers. on seperate occasions, I caught them play killer verisons of “Blister in the Sun” and Ryan Adams’ “Come Pick Me Up”…

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