Autopsy IV says: Lauderdale’s album Moving On turned up all over all sorts of Best Of lists last month so I thought now would be the perfect time to post this interview Charles did with Niles Lee a while back. Enjoy.

9B:  In the Nine Bullets review AIV mentioned that Moving On was recorded a couple of years ago.  Is there a story behind what too so long for the album to see the light of day?  And are there new songs and plans to record a follow-up?

NL:  We started recording the album a couple of years ago and finished tracking and mixed the album last summer.  One of the reasons it took so long is that we had to record for free, so we had to find places to work for free. Ben Tanner and I figured that we had worked in about six different locations in the making of “Moving On”.  Also, several of Lauderdale’s members are also involved with other bands, so we would work on it when everyone had time. Last but not least, last year we took a break from playing shows and made a lineup change and in the process of doing that we kinda let the album fall by the wayside.  We do have some new songs worked up and there are several that I had written while we were taking that break.  It is my goal to start recording another album soon.

9B:  I haven’t had a chance to check out your first album, though I want to, and I imagine many of the Nine Bullets readers haven’t either.  Should they buy that one also?  Is there a significant sound difference from the first album to the second?

NL:  As far as the differences between the first and second albums, to me they are very different.   The first album was recorded when we were a three piece band.  So all of the production was me alone, sitting around filling the spaces, with the exception of a lead guitar track on the song “heartbreaker”.  Also, a lot of the songs were written as solo acoustic/vocal songs and then were made into rock songs, which only works some of the time.  Its been many years since I have heard some of the tracks on that album, but we still consistently play certain songs to this day.  The first album has some really strong songs and some that in my opinion were ruined by us trying to make them be something they were never meant to be… rock songs…  (but for the record there are songs that I hate that people say are their favorite songs on that album. Damned if you do, damned if you dont I guess…) That has been my biggest struggle in this band, how to write a rock’n roll song.  With “moving on” I feel it is obvious that I have become more comfortable with writing rock songs and also not forcing a song to be something it isn’t.

9B:  One of the things I’ve noticed about Moving On is the consistency of sound.  The songs sound different but they all seem like the come from a band that has honed its sound.  I can tell y’all aren’t fresh out of college, how long have y’all been working as a band?  Share a little bit about your history, especially if it’s anything like Motley Crue’s.

NL:  As far as a consistancy of sound, it all comes down to each person in the band developing and having their own style and not the band developing and sticking to a style. The best analogy in a pop sense I can make is Coldplay vs. REM.  Coldplay has made a fortune off of a 6 over 4 drum pattern and REM will never be summed up by a drum pattern…

We are from Muscle Shoals, a tiny nothing town in Alabama.  Years ago there were a group of guys that created a very unique “sound” based upon their individual interpretations of their instruments.  We honestly look up to them, and are just trying to learn and or steal from them what we can.

9B:  We want to see you on the road.  There aren’t many tour dates listed are there plans to change that?

NL:  Even though we have released a new album we are still working our way out of the slump created by the time off that we have taken.  I know that we wont be traveling as much as we did in the past, but we are going to try to focus on playing better shows and not every show that comes our way.

9B:  What has the reception to The Grant been thus far?  We love it at Nine Bullets.

NL:  I am sure some people like it and some people will hate it… it is what it is… its an album…

From Moving On:
Lauderdale – Moving On
Lauderdale – Torn At The Seams
Lauderdale – Stars Fell

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