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International Mix Tape Project – December 2006

My intent here at ninebullets is to review the Cd’s I get every month from the IMTP. Well, the CD I got last month was the poo-poo so here’s to hoping this month’s is better. It was way down tempo instrumentals and a few sleepers with a foreign singer. Needless to say, it only got one pass in the car and went straight to the garbage can. Undeterred, we are back with the December mix. I decided to use December as a chance to put together a collection of drinking songs since so much drinking tends to happen with all the parties. I got a little ambitious with the mix and assembled the songs so a story would unfold following the ebb and flow of a night out doing some heavy drinking. I’ll stop shy of calling it a ringing success but the backbone of the story is there. So, like last month I will offer up a copy of this mix to anyone who happens to want it. The first 5 people to email me their mailing address will get a copy….free….and trust me, it is worth the money.

Track listing below the cut.

Track list:

  1. Drive-By TruckersWhere the Devil Don’t Stay
  2. Zane CambellDrinkin’ Whiskey
  3. Michael Dean DamronOutlaw Song
  4. Scott H. BiramWhiskey
  5. Drag the RiverAmazing G.
  6. Jason Boland & the StragglersCan’t Tell if I Drink
  7. Drive-By TruckersWomen Without Whiskey
  8. Merle HaggardMisery and Gin
  9. The Weary BoysDrink on It
  10. Hank III5 Shots of Whiskey
  11. GhoultownMexican Moonshine
  12. Legendary ShackShakersSomething in the Water
  13. LuceroDrink Till We’re Gone
  14. Dwight YoakamTwo Doors Down
  15. George Jones & Merle HaggardSick, Sober and Sorry
  16. Roger Hoover and the WhiskeyhoundsBlueberry Wine
  17. Wrinkle Neck MulesWhiskey Jars
  18. Hank Williams Jr.Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound
  19. Dead KennedysToo Drunk to Fuck
  20. Shooter JenningsHair of the Dog

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