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In Memory of Chris Porter: The Mastersons #1706

Friendships run deep when you are a musician, and those with whom you can pick up right where you left off after months on the road become family. Chris Porter had a gift for forging deep, fast friendships with people in every little town he toured across the country, but especially with his tight-knit chosen family of fellow “lifers.” Eleanor Whitmore and Chris Masterson of The Mastersons were family for Porter. Integral to the sound of his prior album, This Red Mountain, they dropped into the studio one night right after stepping off the plane from tour to add their sparkle to Don’t Go Baby, It’s Gonna Get Weird Without You, his posthumous album. Their latest release, Transient Lullaby, was already completed but not yet released when he passed away unexpectedly, so they dedicated the album to him and often perform the song they co-wrote, “You Got the Last Laugh,” in his memory.

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Author: Sloane Spencer

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