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IMTP – April 2007

There isn’t any theme to my submission to the IMTP this month. Just some good tunes assembled and arranged to flow as smoothly as possible. Still a kick ass disc IMO. Next month I am gonna be doing a devils music theme. Know some songs with devil in the title or about the devil? Post them in the comments or email me. As usual, if you want a copy of this comp just email me a mailing address:


O’Death – Only Daughter (from the album “Head Home”)
A.J. Roach – Devil may dance (from the album “Revelation”)
Lucero – Slow Dancing (from the album “Tennessee”)
Gill Landry – Poor Boy (from the album “The ballad of Lawless Soirez”)
JJ Grey & Mofro – On Palastine (from the album “Country Ghetto”)
Drag the River – Fire & Flood (from the album “It’s Crazy”)
Mario Matteoli – Sun Keeps Beatin’ Down (from the album “Hard Luck Hittin'”)
Scott H. Biram – long fingernail (from the album “Graveyard Shift”)
Reynosa – goodbye woman (from the album “Directions”)
Chicken Legs Weaver – Your Enemy Cannot Harm You (from the album “Nowhere”)
Radio Moscow – Deep Blue Sea (from the album “Radio Moscow”)
Jawbone – Doney Holler (from the album “Hauling”)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Tina Marie (Feat Bryan Lee) (from the album “Ten Days Out”)
Clutch – The Devil & Me (from the album “From Beale Street to Oblivion”)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Took Out a Loan (from the album “Baby 81”)
Dark Romantics – baby boy baby girl (from the album “Some Midnight Kissin'”)
The Urbane Cowboys – 30 days (from the album “Only Truth Tonight”)
The Dirty 30s – Local Anesthesia (from the album “The Dirty 30s”)
Two Cow Garage – Should’ve California (from the album “Three”)
Drive By Truckers – When The Pin Hits The Shell (from the album “Decoration Day”)

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  1. jkeough jkeough
    April 3, 2007    

    you know the drill AIV….could you please submit mix tape to my woman

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