7 thoughts on “I'M BACK”

  1. lucero signed to a major. but im sure you knew that already. it doesnt bother me, i just hope they dont incorporate horns…. damn…. too late.

  2. Interesting. I just got back from Beantown too. It was my first trip but they seemed pretty nice except when they drive. Was worse driving there than in NYC or DC.

  3. On behalf of us non-rude residents, sorry for the jerks.

    Did you end up checking out any bands while you were up here? Hope it wasn’t at a show that you encountered the suckness, although I wouldn’t be surprised…

  4. stumbled upon your site because I added a Doc Watson song to my playlist. Anyway, gotta say I whole-heartedly agree with you about the nasty ass Mass. people. I’m a transplant Carolina girl, been living up here for 8 years and these people act like they were raised by wolves. All they mama’s need to be smacked.

  5. Having lived here for 22 years (came from Texas) unfortunately I have to agree that there are many massholes living here. Just this morning I came out to find a mini van parked so close to my car that I literally couldn’t open the driver’s door. Sad part was she had about 6 or 7 feet on her drivers side to the next car – I really wish I had a camera with me. Fortunately she came out about 2 minutes later and I demanded that she look at her parking job and defend how she could have such apathy for other people. She said “I was only in the store for 10 minutes so it’s no big deal”. When I asked her how I was supposed to get in my car she suggested that I go through the passenger side and crawl over! With that she got in her car and left without an apology. Incredible and unfortunately fairly typical.

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