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I was Bobby at a William Elliott Whitmore show once…how pathetic is that?
What was your worst Bobby moment?


  1. Mark Mark
    February 10, 2012    

    I was Bobby at a Austin Lucas, Two Cow Garage show. That really sucks! They all played like it was a packed house though. Great show!

    • February 10, 2012    

      I was almost Bobby at an Austin Lucas/Glossary show late last year….

    • February 10, 2012    

      I was a Bobby the first time I saw Two Cow Garage at the WWT back in ’07. I’ve convinced a few more people to come out since.

  2. Damron Damron
    February 10, 2012    

    I was Bobby at a Stone Temple Pilots show in Hollywood when they were still Mighty Joe Young…about a year before they broke…they played it like it was a stadium.

  3. Otis Gibbs Otis Gibbs
    February 10, 2012    

    I was Bobby at a Jason And The Scorchers Show in the late 80s and also at an Uncle Tupelo/Bottle Rockets show in the Early 90s. Both were in Indianapolis. I’ve also played to Bobby a few times, but we won’t me mention that.

    • Mike Ostrov Mike Ostrov
      February 12, 2012    

      no one’s going to top that

  4. Matzohball77 Matzohball77
    February 10, 2012    

    I was Bobby at the ninebullets SXSW 2011 day party (Glossary, Caitlin Rose, etc). I expect I’ll be Bobby again soon.

  5. scruvs scruvs
    February 10, 2012    

    I was Bobby at a free Drag the River / Two Cow Garage show in Ybor during Guavaween. People wanted to see Gwar.

  6. February 10, 2012    

    Oh yeah! I was totally Bobby at a Lonesome Wyatt & Rachel Brooke show once too….

  7. February 10, 2012    

    I was Bobby at a show that *I* booked. Herman Put Down the Gun (Sonia Tetlow) in the basement of a dorm at my college. Apparently you need to supply free alcohol for college kids to show up to a concert. Lame sauce.

    It would have been the most embarrassing day of my life if I hadn’t kissed my first girlfriend for the first time earlier.

  8. February 10, 2012    

    I was Bobby for Joe Pug when he opened for Justin Townes Earle in Toronto. I got there a little late and just walked up in front of everybody and stood right there. Some hipster A-hole told me to sit down. LOL. Being Bobby rules.

  9. Pug Pug
    February 11, 2012    

    David Dondero and Franz Nicolay at the Firebird… I won the tickets off of KDHX, it was my birthday show too… I think there was a handful of people to see Franz Nicolay and then left when he was done. Dondero keep committing about a Matt&Kim show across town. I stood right up front and bought them drinks when i went to get one. Rockin on Bobby’s, Rockin on…

  10. leon jons leon jons
    February 11, 2012    

    Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown in Omaha in the 80’s. Sat on a chair in front of the band. Evan Johns and the H Bombs in Omaha about the same time. He was late and drunk, but played like the place was packed.

  11. John Schnabel John Schnabel
    February 11, 2012    

    Back when Two Cow Garage was just a little kid, I was Bobby at a show in Tuscarawrus, Ohio. There are only 12 people in the whole town. To their credit, TCG has always played like the place was packed.

  12. geoffreywayne geoffreywayne
    February 12, 2012    

    I was kinda Bobby when I saw The Weight in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I say “kinda” cause there was some twenty-something girl’s birthday party happening and they were doing your typical twenty-something girl’s birthday party things totally independent of the band’s performance. Lots of “woooooooo”-ing and cosmos.

  13. February 12, 2012    

    I was Bobby at a WEW show too (in Vancouver). thankfully after like 4 songs Ben Nichols came out and stood there with me.

    • Trainwreck92 Trainwreck92
      February 13, 2012    

      Hanging out with Ben makes everything better. I’m seeing WEW and Lucero in Dallas in a few weeks. I hope I’m not a Bobby.

  14. Gopher Gopher
    February 13, 2012    

    I was Bobby at a Little Feat show in Pittsburgh in the late 80s. I had seen the reunited band so many times that the set list got pretty boring. Kenny Gradney was doing his slick dancing and ignoring my “requests” to play something different. I had to give him the finger.

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