Apr 302009

Yup. Your faithful country music listening, whiskey swilling, smell my finger blogging buddy, Autopsy IV, willingly went to the Katy Perry show here in St. Pete on Tuesday night and wrote a recap for Creative Loafing (our local free weekly). As anyone who is following me on Twitter knows, I did a lot of it via live blogging on Twitter. Well, if you wanna read the recap of the show you can read it here.

As a side note, if that link gets enough clicks I get paid cold cash money so click it you sumbitches!

Autopsy IV

I am the founder of ninebullets.net. Aside from being a self-made nillionaire, I'm is also a righteous indignation addict and professional self-loather.

  2 Responses to “I WENT TO A KATY PERRY SHOW AND I LIKED IT (see what I did there?)”

  1. in his defense, that kid does look like a player…(this comment only makes sense if you click the link – and subsequently slide some green autopsy’s way!)

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