Some years back I was in Austin with my wife and brother to see Lucero. I had seen them the weekend before in Los Angeles and my ride had sort of bailed on, she had her reasons, but all of my merch was in her car. I had spent a pretty penny on merch that evening and was not happy about the whole situation but the evening wasn’t ruined. I ended up borrowing money from Ben to catch a cab back to my hotel and since neither of us had clue one about where were or where the hell my hotel was he gave me a crisp new hundred. Also not realizing, due to hanging out with Ben all night if you know what I mean, that LA is sort of built in the hills I thought it would be a good idea to just hop over the flower-bed in the hotel parking lot. The four foot drop on the other side was unexpected and I ended up in the street, face down, in front of my cab. I picked myself up, brushed off the gravel, and left my dignity lying in the street. Five whole blocks later I stepped out the cab and went into my hotel. It had been that kind of night. But I digress…

I went to Austin to see Lucero and pay Ben back for the loan and there’s more stories to that night than I can tell here but Bill Krejski (Sorry if I murdered you name Bill) had heard about my merch driving away and went about making sure everything was replaced and on top of that handed me some CDs by bands he really liked. I had never heard of either of them and have to admit that Nashville Pussy rarely sees any time on the playlist but the other band sees more than most. The first time I dropped I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House into the CD player I was hooked!

Now you have to understand a couple of things here. I love music for the sake of music and generally don’t like mixing politics with my tunes so normally that would be strike one against any band, after all Dear Mr. Heston is not exactly apolitical. The second is that Michael Dean Damron and I are polar opposites when it comes to politics. I doubt there is a single thing we could agree on politically and he does, or did with I Can Lick Any SOB, bring politics into his music so there would normally be strike two. I don’t usually even bother trying to find a third strike when it comes to music so most bands wouldn’t have seen a second play from me after listening to Put Here To Bleed but the music was so good that I overlooked the politics completely and now own all of their albums and thanks to our gracious host have recently caught up on Michael Dean Damron’s solo career. I think both with I Can Lick Any SOB and solo that Damron is an amazing songwriter and performer and more than that worth getting to know musically. So without further ado here are two tapes covering Damron from I Can Lick Any SOB to his most recent solo effort. Tape 1 is all I Can Lick Any SOB and covers all of their albums including Live at Dante’s. Admittedly I left out the political tunes for completely selfish reasons but since I am the one making these tapes I get to do that….

  • Tracks 1-4: Creepy Little Noises
  • Tracks 5-7: Menace
  • Tracks 8-10: Put Here To Bleed
  • Tracks 11-14: Live at Dante’s

Track Archive

Tape two is Michael Dean Damron solo and I think he is still getting better and better. I Can Lick Any SOB was an amazing band but songs like Cape and Blame it on the Whiskey are amazing songs and I will freely admit have helped me deal with my personal demons. You know those demons. They are the ones that show up when you come home from the bar, wife asleep, and all that’s there is you, whiskey, and the thoughts in your head. Those are the nights where you want to drop in some Michael Dean Damron and just let it all go. His cover of Drag The River’s Beautiful and Damned is one of the most amazing covers I have ever heard and is in heavy rotation on the iPod. Anyway, enough of my jawin’…

  • Tracks 1-3: Bad Days Ahead
  • Tracks 4-7: A Perfect Day for a Funeral
  • Tracks 8-11: Father’s Day

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  1. I know! Apparently it was also then only size bill he had on him at the time. At the time I was, lets just say, a little drunk and didn’t think much of it. It has always amused me because it was a five block drive to my hotel (The Wilshire Grand) and I couldn’t have told you how to get the back to the other hotel but at the time Ben having a hundred made perfect sense. 😛

  2. You spin a good yarn, my friend…but let’s not do the face-plant again, in the name of “Fuck it, I’ll jump!” – unless of course, you have a cape. That one accessory would raise the bar to an Epic Failure, and would immediately register the incident as cool.

    Be careful out there…

  3. Nice to see Mike. D. get some love….I’ve got a lot of Mike D. (or as we refer to him in my band, ‘The Dizzle’) stories. He’s a great guy and a great musician. We dedicated a song to him on our last record and without knowing it, he named a song on our upcoming record. Mike is going to be a legend one day. He kind of is already. Mike lives to play music with his friends and for his fans. I’ll tell you right now…me and my band are some of the biggest fans he’ll ever have.

  4. Is there a “Track Archive” link for the Michael Dean Damron stuff available? I’d really like to download it.

  5. That’s a badass tape! Thanks for honoring Mike D with that. And for the rest of us to enjoy these cool “mix” tapes.

  6. I could have sworn I put in a track archive link…there might be a reason AIV didn’t include it. I’ll have to ask before posting it but if it’s alright then I have it…

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