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If you go by any given news feed, you’ll come away with the impression of Florida that it is home only to disgusting people with too much free time, but that’s not the case. There are also a few talented people who write about those people. Lucy Tight & Wayne Waxing of Hymn for Her are the latter, probably. Hymn for Her is one of those badddassmuddrfukkr dirty two-pieces that we love so well around here–although, they’re a little more textured than your Left Lane Cruisers and a lot weirder. “Trash the Sun,” for instance, starts off as a basic, albeit jazzier, staccato guitar blues song, but the duo’s harmony on the chorus instills some pop-ness that effectually makes the song all the jazzier. I say jazz, but this is as much truck driver music as Mr. Biram, complete with CB clicks and calls. Hymn for Her’s call-and-response in “Trash the Sun” still isn’t simple blues appropriation either, it’s used to usher in a punk crescendo, they tell you the motifs they’re about to tear apart after the breakdown and dive into the frenzy–it’s a complex song made out of such simple elements and done so capably that it’s all killer. It’s a 7-minute hit single–and if every classic rock DJ in the world can respect an audience enough to let them get through “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant,” there’s no reason this shouldn’t be on the radio causing spikes in speeding violations. And that would probably be the first appearance of homemade cigar-box electric guitars on the radio. All the textures on that one song play throughout the album; the middle sequence leans more on the banjo and slower burning songs, but this is a guerilla rock album and you never know when Wayne or Lucy will jump in with the other and run off with the song and stuff dynamite down it’s throat. Then the album closer, “Passion,” stands as naked as a Karen Carpenter song–the chutzpah of it! A very brave album kicking around in a genre that’s easy to knock as monochromatic.

Perhaps the best endorsement of Hymn for Her happened at a show where they shared the bill with Snakehealers and Glossary. Devon from Snakehealers took the stage after Hymn for Her and said, to the best of my recollection, “I just told the band there’s no way we’re winning tonight. Hymn for Her and Glossary–we’re last place before the show even started.

Hymn For Her - Trash The Sun     

Hymn For Her - Mojave     

Hymn For Her - Dark Deeds     

Keep up with Lucy and Wayne via Facebook and buy their albums on CD & MP3 off their website. They tour far and wide in a big chrome trailer, so be aware. Seriously, go see how fucking cool their guitars are and what they can do with them.

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  1. August 8, 2013    

    Unfortunately, that same drum beat repeats almost ad nauseum throughout the album. Without it, these songs could take off to another level. If only they had tried something different. “El Matador†creates a lot of musical tension and that pervasive and annoying drum beat ruins part of the song. There is a bridge leading to the chorus that has this really cool kinda wabbly feel to it and instead of culminating, it just falls back into this pseudo dance song. It’s horribly disappointing. All I hear is a bad techno beat. The only time it is tolerable is when it works within the song and I barely notice it’s existence.

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