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Hillstomp – The Woman that Ended the World


Boogie Woogie Blues, like the term, is fun. Boogie Woogie. Shit, the term makes me smile. Say Boogie Woogie fast 5 times….now tell me you ain’t smilin’. If you do I’ma call you a damn liar.

Boogie Woogie is fun to say. Boogie Woogie blues is fun to hear. Boogie Woogie blues make you hafta dance. Hillstomp is Boogie Woogie Blues. They remind me of a more light-hearted version of Shake Hands With Shorty era North Mississippi Allstars, back before the Dickinson boys started getting too serious. Hillstomp makes you wanna dance. My dog has been looking at me like I’m an idiot for the past three days while I roam around the house with the disc on the CD player. My dog can not dance and she does not like when I try to dance with her but the Boogie Woogie insists that we dance. She lacks thumbs….she doesn’t get it. You, on the other hand (ba-da crash), ain’t got that luxury.

If I lived in the Portland area, I’d make a point to see this band on a regular basis, but I live in Florida, so I must listen to the disc and listen I do…often. In fact, often enough to add their current release, The Woman that Ended the World, to the ninebullets Essential Listening list. Fear not you fellow Oregon deprived citizens of the other 49 states, Hillstomp apparently has a live cd coming out some time this summer, and I bet it’ll be fun. ‘Til then, Boogie Woogie to these tracks:

Hillstomp - N.E. Portland 3 A.M.     

Hillstomp - Shake It     

Hillstomp - Momma Told Pappa     

Hillstomp’s Official Site, Hillstomp on myspace, Buy The Woman that Ended the World

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  1. June 7, 2007    

    I wholeheartedly agree!

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