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Hillstomp – After Two but Before Five


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the genre that is the Blues is a genre that, while great when heard on studio recordings, is something that is best heard live. As the title of Hillstomp’s latest effort would suggest, it is also best heard after two but before five…in the morning, that is. As I said the last time I wrote about Hillstomp, “Boogie Woogie blues make you hafta dance. Hillstomp is Boogie Woogie Blues.” The live disc makes makes no exception to those statements.

Recorded over two nights in Eugene and Portland, Oregon and coming in at 12 tracks, the disc features covers of tunes from RL Burnside, Mississippi Fred McDowell and Bukka White, with original Hillstomp songs mixed in. If you are a fan of that North Mississippi/Appalachian blues sound, this is a cd you need to check out.

Hillstomp - Rollin' and Tumblin'     

Hillstomp - Poor Black Mattie     

Hillstomp - Shake Em On Down     

For those of you in the area: Hillstomp will be playing the ridiculously awesome Deep Blues Festival this Saturday.

Hillstomp’s Official Site, Hillstomp on myspace, Buy After Two But Before Five

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