A couple of weeks ago Hill Country Revue came to town opening for North Mississippi Allstars and plum took over the show. So good was their set that I was honestly bored with the bulk of the N.M.A. set.

Hill Country Revue is fellow N. Mississippi Allstars Cody Dickinson and Chris Chew being joined by Kirk Smithhart, Ed “Hot” Cleveland and Dixie Dan Coburn. As if that isn’t enough, the majority of the album was written by the youngest of R.L. Burnside’s children, Garry Burnside. There are so many Grammys, bloodlines, pedigrees and touring miles in this lineup that you almost expect it to be a hill country blues clinic, but really it turns out to be a funky southern blues rock album as much as anything else.

Over the years I’ve felt like the N. Mississippi Allstars and myself have been set off on divergent musical paths. I still buy their new albums, but after 5 or 10 listens they end up forgotten. Make A Move seems to possess that raw dirt under the fingernails energy that the first couple of N.M.A. albums had, and I for one am finding it to be Essential Listening.

Hill Country Revue is currently on the road doing festival dates and filling support slots throughout the summer. This Fall they are planning on heading out for a complete headlining tour and trust me, it’ll be worth catching.

Hill Country Revue – Alice Mae

Hill Country Revue’s Official Site, Hill Country Revue on myspace, Buy Make A Move


  1. Stumbled across this one a few weeks ago surfing the web. Its already on my Wish List for the year. That, along with Patterson Hood’s new record, are what I’ve been waiting for so far this year.

  2. I bought their CD a few days ago and I love it.(I heard them live in Jackson, Ms.) In fact I went and bought another CD for a friend. I am no music critic but Hill Country Revue is like no other band I have heard. It is like listening to the Allman brothers, Hendrix, SRV, and RL Burnside all mixed up into 1 sound. They are really unique in today’s f’ed up music world. I did some research and the drummer (they call him by name, “Hot”) is phenominal and doesnt get the recognition he deserves,what a great great drummer. and the lead guitar player, Kirk Smithhart, is a freak on guitar. I dont know who played what on their CD but I watched that guy play live on stage and he is about as great of a guitarist as I have ever seen or heard. The singer, Dan, plays a great harp but Chris’s bass skills and Cody’s washboard make this band freakin awesome. If they have the right people behind them, they should do huge things in the music world. okay I will shut up now. I really do love this band.

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