Help Caleb Caudle Make A Record



I’ve mentioned before that I love crowd funding. No offense to any of the fantastic record labels that help get the music we all love out in the world but I am very glad to see artists be directly supported by the people who love their art. Right now one of the better folks making tunes without record label money is Caleb Caudle. His most recent record, Carolina Ghost, was crowd funded and anyone who heard the results can attest to how well it turned out. By crowdfunding that album Caleb was able to pursue his vision without being tied to anyone else’s budget and delivered a collection of killer songs that can stand shoulder to shoulder with any major label release.

And now he’s at it again, with your help.

This time Caleb is headed to the wilds of Los Angeles to team up once again with his longtime collaborator Jon Ashley. They also plan on a session or two in Nashville. It’s going to be a huge undertaking and you can help him out a bit AND get some perks on the way.

Boom over to his Indie GoGo page and toss a few bucks into the pot. Making records isn’t cheap but when it’s Caleb Caudle you know damn well it’ll be worth it.