Heathen Sons – Through The Eyes Of A Lion – 2015


This is certainly an exceptional time of year for rock music. Whether it’s the easy-going melancholy of Great Peacock or the sweat-soaked Tulsa heat brought to us by John Moreland, there’s plenty of seasonally appropriate weather to get us into summer. Through The Eyes Of A Lion is a brand new EP from a brand new band, Nashville-based Heathen Sons, and it is positively soaked in vitamin D.

From the catchy introductory rifts on “Futures”, the first track, you are brought into what might as well be the chronicle of the Fourth of July (the fun ones we have now, not the one that lead to a war). The rhythm section keeps the song moving along, and the counterpoint of guitar and vocals are perfectly self-indulgent for a drive to the beach.

The individual songs may remind you of pop-rock summer fare you’ve heard before, but I guarantee there’s more depth both sonically and lyrically than you may pick up on at first listen. This is a young band stretching its legs, and over the five tracks of this EP you’ll get a feel for what they can do. “Fourth of July” is the perfect example of a catchy tune that would have you on your feet whether you saw them playing in a dive bar on a Tuesday or under marquee lights over the weekend:

‘Cause you’re a little like heartbreak

Even more like cocaine

It’s a little more than I can take

Do you really wanna let me in?

I’m ready to drive around with my windows down, drink all day with friends, then get suitably moody after the sun sets; if those things are things that appeal to you guys as well, I think Through The Eyes Of A Lion by Heathen Sons is worth a look.

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Fourth of July