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I was made aware of Harley Poe via a Ninebullets Radio request from Gina Truitt of The Well and I pretty much fell in love immediately.

As their bio says, Harley Poe doesn’t simply write songs about killers and monsters. Harley Poe writes songs about being killers and monsters and they do it in an incredibly infectious and fun manner. Hard to believe this project was birthed while lead singer/writer, Joe Whiteford was fronting the christian band, Calibretto 13. Calibretto 13’s label found it less than comfortable as well it seems seeing as how they promptly dropped them.

Harley Poe’s sound is easy to describe: Violent Femmes meets Those Poor Bastards and while Satan, Sex and No Regrets is the perfect album to post about on Halloween I feel it’s important to mention that I would have written about this album regardless. It just so happened that Halloween was a couple of weeks away when I found them.

Harley Poe - Ima Killer     

Harley Poe - That Time Of The Month     

Harley Poe - Transvestites Can Be Cannibals Too     

Harley Poe’s Official Site, Harley Poe on Facebook, Buy and Stream Satan, Sex and No Regrets in it’s entirety on Bandcamp

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  1. willy willy
    October 31, 2012    

    i bought this record after AIV posted about it on facebook, i have since listened to it probably everyday the last week or so…pretty fucking good…Ima killer and Father mckee are probably my favorite tracks but the whole record is stellar. great recommendation

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