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That is a picture of the meathand I made yesterday for my wife’s Halloween party. I was supposed to post that picture and this contest yesterday but all of my plans were derailed by a bad hamburger the night before. Anyhow. Last night was the official release of Strawfoot’s new album, How We Prospered (review), and in celebration they’ve given my a prize pack to award to the ninebullets faithful. So, the first (3) people to email me and tell me what they dressed as last night will win a prize. First person will win a copy of the new album, How We Prospered, the Second person will win a copy of the first album, Chasing Locusts and the first person to email a picture of themselves dressed up last night will win a copy of both cds. GIVEAWAY IS OVER.

Strawfoot - Churchyard Cough     

Strawfoot - Independence Day     

Strawfoot - Seven Ways     

Strawfoot’s Official Site, Strawfoot on myspace, Strawfoot on Facebook


  1. chimpchampion chimpchampion
    November 1, 2009    

    Holy midnight revival!
    We’ve got musical accompaniment for the Halloween communion AND a Strawfoot giveaway the next day? Daaaaaamn…. Now, that’s some good times!

  2. November 1, 2009    

    Very gross looking, fantastic!

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