It’s no secret. Over the years the Hank III schtick and repetitive nature of his songs has afflicted me with a solid case of III-fatigue. I’d also grown pretty bored with the constant “he’s holding his best stuff” excuses from his rabid as ever fanbase. This fatigue has a lot to do with why I stopped attending III shows when he came through town and pretty much stopped paying much attention to any news surrounding the man, the myth and the legend that is Shelton Williams.

Earlier this year, Saving Country Music ran an article that Curb Records was gonna release a new III album culled mostly from outtakes from his first two albums and I was admittedly a little intrigued. When New West put one of these together for the Drive-By Truckers it became the best thing the band had released since The Dirty South, and if Curb could manage the same thing, then I could give 2 fucks about the Curb/III feud.

Well, it took a little while but I finally got around to checking Long Gone Daddy out. Largely, the album falls flat for my ears and leaves me feeling bored in the end. The outtakes were obviously outtakes for a reason, the covers aren’t anything to get too excited about, and the mix on “What They Want Me To Be” is so thin even the Olsen twins were seen to be asking for seconds. Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent the bulk of this week listening to hiphop, or perhaps it’s cause I am so desperate for something fresh from III, but I found the widely panned “shuffle mix” of “If The Shoe Fits” to be one of the more interesting tracks on the whole damned album. But not interesting enough to rip to my iPod, admittedly.

Solid, meh!

Hank III – If The Shoe Fits (Shuffle Mix)

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6 thoughts on “HANK III — LONG GONE DADDY”

  1. Glad to hear I’m not missing anything. I’ve been admittedly conflicted if I should check this thing out, but the simple fact is most of the songs I was already familiar with, so any hope for a fresh feel would have been fool hearty.

    And the wait continues….

  2. Your comment about this LP left you flat struck a cord with me and most of the folks between 51-60. We can’t seem to find what we need in new so we are going retro and loving it. What was are parents music is now cool and in all honesty the msuicianship is awesome compared to what I am hearing now. (God I sound like my Dad but it is the true)

    From 1950 to 1985 there were some solid tunes and groups/singers out there taht were just plan good. Recently someone handed me a CD of Country Music and they said, “Wackie, check this out, this guy rocks.” I can’t even remember who it was but it was all covers and this fellow thought they were originals. So I made a CD for this younger DJ of the originals. He threw his CD away.

    I would love it if the scene changed and we could get excited again about New Music but for now it seems to be searching through the unknowns and one hit wonders to get my country music fix. That and listening to the classic’s.

    Wackie Jackie , DJ – Early Bird Wake Up Show, 88.5fm http://www.wmnf.org

  3. Amazon has this album for $5.00 (MP3) this month. Definitely worth adding to anyone’s collection.

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