Anytime a Hank III album is supposed to come out I kind of take a wait and see attitude about it. It wouldn’t have surprised me one bit if Mike Curb would have delayed the release by 6 months in the 11th hour just to fuck with Hank. I am happy to say, however, that last Tuesday came and went and the new Hank III, Damn Right, Rebel Proud was actually on the shelves of my local record store without incident.

DRRB continues down the path Straight to Hell started down. Hank’s fierce loyalty to booze, drugs and country music’s old guard. Like on Straight to Hell, Hank did the bulk of the recording and mixing on his own, which leads to more of the grittier, raw feel that made Straight To Hell his best effort to date. With a couple of tracks (“P.F.F.”, “Long Hauls and Close Calls”) you start to see the “metal punk” side of III’s sound start to bubble to the surface. “P.F.F.” is a particularly interesting track since with in it’s 10 minute time segment you get the raucous version I mentioned and a slowed down acoustic country version of it. Personally, I like the slowed down one more. My favorite track of the cd has to be “3 Shades of Black”. It’s an acoustic track featuring III’s road/lifestyle-worn voice complemented by a classic country slide, while the lyrics are the type you’d find on a metal track. To me, it’s the perfect amalgam of what III is.

At this point you know what you’re getting with III. He isn’t trying to push any boundaries, and if you don’t like that I think he’d say something to the point of “Well, go fuck yourself.” I am fine with that, and personally I like what he does. Damn Right, Rebel Proud is out now. It’s raw, it’s explicit, it’s Essential Listening. Check it out.

Hank III – 3 Shades of Black
Hank III – The Grand Ole Opry (Ain’t So Grand Anymore)
Hank III – Me & My Friends

Hank III’s Official Site, Hank III on myspace, Buy Damn Right, Rebel Proud


  1. So far what I’ve heard from this record appeals to me more than the last one. Straight to the Christmas list it goes!

  2. It’s a brilliant album. I think you have to give 3 shades of black a bit more credit on the lyrics side though. I like metal, but it’s rare for most metal bands to have lyrics this well thought out.

    PFF is great too. I’ve watched some youtube of Gigi Allen and that dude was whacked. I’m not sure I really get him other than the fact he was pure punk to his soul. I’ve been in dark places but that dude wallowed in them.

  3. I got to interview Hank III a few years back when he played Hilton Head, SC. Every other word out of his mouth was explicit and I talked to him for about an hour right before he went on. He was cool, friendly and gracious. I liked him right off the bat. He’s one hell of a guy and I love him.

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