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Midwestern rockers Ha-Ha Tonka have returned to Bloodshot Records for their sophomore effort, Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South. With Harold Bell Wright’s 1907 novel The Shepherd of the Hills serving as the backdrop, Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South doesn’t stray too far from the sound that the band established with Buckle in the Bible Belt. If anything, it’s more of a rock record than Buckle in the Bible Belt.

While Novel Sounds doesn’t contain any songs half as catchy as “St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor” from their debut, it is the opinion of this particular author that, as a whole, it’s a much stronger album. A nice step forward for these guys.

Check it out.

Ha-Ha Tonka - Walking On The Devil's Backbone     

Ha-Ha Tonka - Close Every Valve In Your Beating Heart     

Ha-Ha Tonka - Hold My Feet To The Fire     

Ha-Ha Tonka’s Official Site, Ha-Ha Tonka on myspace, Buy Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South


  1. M. Christine M. Christine
    June 18, 2009    

    Tremendous! Shepherd of the Hills is a gorgeous little novel. Looking forward to this.

    A good friend opened for them last night in Columbus. Can’t wait to hear about the show.

  2. Sara Sara
    June 18, 2009    

    Great stuff!

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