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Note from Autopsy IV: I am out this weekend babysitting my new puppy so I’ve lined up a whole slew of guest writers for the week. I hope y’all enjoy them and the music they bring to our attention as much as I am. I’ll be back early next week.

Today’s guest writer is Michael Dauphin. He’s the editor of Dude’s Magazine and also contributes to a site I frequent and since you come around this site, you should too.

Ninja Gun hails from Valdosta, Georgia. That’s a few hours south of Athens (home of the Drive-By Truckers) and about an hour north of Gainesville, Florida (home of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers). In fact, Ninja Gun’s sound falls somewhere in between those respective artists as well. Their newest album, Restless Rubes, twinkles and shines like Petty’s unmistakable twangy pop, and opens up and rocks with similar honesty and passion that fans of the Truckers hold so dear.

The lyrical content on Restless Rubes tends to focus on dealing with socio-political ideals of The South. The listener can almost picture singer/guitarist, J. Coody, coming up with ideas for songs and finding lyrical (and internal) inspiration by analyzing the balance between his work as an aspiring rock n’roll road warrior and his other job, working on his father’s peanut farm.

Bottom line: Restless Rubes is power-pop, southern rock affair that has the potential to win over punks, hipsters, and straight-forward rock n’rollers. Don’t waste time figuring out where (or if) you fall in those categories—just give it a listen.

Ninja Gun - Restless Rubes     

Ninja Gun - 8 Miles Out     

Ninja Gun - Permanent Press     

Ninja Gun’s Official Site, Buy Restless Rubes


  1. December 16, 2008    

    I hadn’t thought about comparing Ninja Gun to the Drive By Truckers, but I think your comparison of Petty and Truckers is pretty right on. thanks for reviewing the records. I love ninebullets! let me know if you ever need another guest reviewer!

  2. kevin kevin
    December 16, 2008    

    Ninja Gun rules! Go see them play!

  3. TheOtherBrit TheOtherBrit
    December 16, 2008    

    Just as a sidenote, they’re playing with Hot Water Music and Tim Barry on New Years Eve if anyone is in the Atlanta area.

  4. December 17, 2008    

    That would be a sweet ass show.

  5. December 25, 2008    

    There’s some REM in them, thar, hills too. It’s somehow in the guys voice.

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