Autopsy IV is on his annual pilgrimage to strap a board to the bottom of his feet and slide down mountains. While he is away 9B will feature a collection of guest posts. Today’s post comes from Rune Letrud, who gives us a primer on the Norway’s roots music scene.

Hi there, Ninebullets readers. My name is Rune, and I’m blogging to you from Norway.

I used to be webeditor for one of Norways most popular national radio shows – writing a lot of articles and reviews, and currently run and write “Musikkbloggen Hør nå… hør nå!” Which translates to “The Music Blog. Listen to this… listen to this!” The name plays on that guy on every party hogging the cd/recordplayer/mp3station – shouting “Listen to this… listen to this!!” Then keeps playing apx. 30 seconds of all his favorite songs (AIV note: That’s me in the car!).

The blog was started after reading about Drunk On Crutches and Kasey Anderson on Ninebullets. I realized I had to get back into reviewing, to help the Norwegian people discovering these (for us) hidden treasures.

Now the time has come to pay a bit back to Ninebullets and the US, by telling you a bit about some of my favorite Norwegian bands, whom you probably never heard of.

First I would like you to meet:

ORBO & The Longshots. Named after the bands founder, singer, songwriter and guitar player; Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen – this is Norway’s most hardworking and determined rock’n’roll band. Their friendship with and subsequent help from people like Kevin Welch, Mike Henderson, Fats Kaplin, John Jorgeson, Delbert McClinton and Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers have opened a lot of doors and the band just returned to Norway after a lengthy tour of the US, to release their 4th album, and first live-album “Live 10”. Marking their 10 year anniversary. They are clearly inspired by traditional American Country, Americana and Blues, even winning a Norwegian Grammy for their album “High Roller”. Visit them at – most albums are also available on Spotify The song is My Widow, written by ORBO & Kevin Welch.

MP3: ORBO & The Longshots – My Widow

The Margarets. A brilliant little band, hailing from the tiny island of Giske on the western coast of Norway. They finally released their debut album after a 10 year hiatus, the single “Rubber Rubbish / Alain Delon” was hailed as the best single ever released from a Norwegian band – and subsequently released 3 more albums over a span of 6 years. They sound like… The Margarets. Sometimes rock. Sometimes country. Sometimes pop. They have built their own well renowned recording studio, Ocean Sound Recordings at Giske – and also arrange one of Norways largest and most respected music festival “Sommerfesten” (The Summer Fest) – where artists play for free, entrance is free and the audience bring food to share – last year over 35.000 people attended. Previous artists along with numerous norwegian bands have been Mark Olson, Josh Rouse, Mark Kozelek, Tom McRae and Damien Rice. Visit them at – all albums available on Spotify

MP3: The Margarets – Sleep With The Lights On

Number Seven Deli. The guitar player from The Margarets still play with a bunch of his schoolmates in the band named after this famous Liverpool deli. They sound like a mix of The Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Band – and are currently working on their comeback album, after a long period of hiatus. The members are all highly skilled musicians. Bassplayer Per Amund is responsible for numerous string-arrangements on other artists records. Guitar player Rune Berg is a much used producer in his own right, with a deep love of analogue equipment. And singer Johnny has a voice anyone would envy. All albums are available on iTunes.

MP3: Number Seven Deli – Blame Me

Ida Jenshus. The winner of a talentshow on national television, where the artists presented themselves – instead of being squeezed into a pre-set format. She released her debut album “Color Of The Sun” in 2008, with the follow up “No Guarantees” being released just last year. She sounds like a cross between Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris, and has a voice and a presence that should soon make her too big for this small country to keep for ourselves. She is swiftly maturing as a songwriter, and can hold her own with the best of them! Give her a listen, and visit her at Both albums on Spotify.

MP3: Ida Jenshus – No Guarantees

Tina Lie. The singer from Norway’s rock’n’roll capitol, Fåvang. She has slowly built a audience in both the US and Europe, lately getting lots of great reviews in the UK for her Byron House produced album “Free Enough To Fall”. She has a awesome bluesy voice, singing rootsy Americana like there’s no tomorrow. Her presence on stage is absolutely unique and you can physically FEEL the intensity radiating from her voice. – and she’s on Spotify

MP3: Tina Lie – Twilight Hour



  1. Thanks, Rune. I have a bit of Norwegian Americana which I became interested in after Tom Russell’s The Man From God Knows Where with Sondre Bratland and Kari Bremnes. Have some “På Norsk” discs, Norwegian language covers of Dylan, HankWilliams and Kris Kristofferson which I really enjoy. Thanks for the tips on some new stuff to explore.

  2. Thank you!

    There are lot’s more to discover.
    Artists like Henning Kvitnes (has a lot of english speaking albums), Jonas Fjeld (his relationship and albums with Chatham County Line are awsome), Knut Reiersrud (Norways best guitarplayer), Seven Door Hotel (Jayhawksey sound, brilliant stuff), Campfire Combo are a few of my other favorites that spring to mind.

  3. Magnet lives on an island just a few kilometers from where I live, and is scheduled to release a new album in 2011.
    He says that it will be a whole new kind of albumrelease – whatever he means by that..

  4. I am such a fan of Magnet. Can’t wait for that new release.

    I’m on my honeymoon in late April/ Early May this year…anyway, we are flying out of Amsterdam and I want to spend a night or two there and go see a show.

    what would be a good website or a good club to go catch a show? I like all these bands you posted, it would be great if they were playing one night when I was there.

  5. I’m sorry, I wouldn’t know – as Amsterdam is in the Netherlands. But I know there is some sort of big Americana-festival in the Netherlands this summer. Sadly don’t know where and don’t know when.

  6. The late St. Thomas was great, and his concerts were always special. His english wasn’t always the best, but his songs were – and are, still fantastic.

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