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Note from Autopsy IV: I am out this weekend babysitting my new puppy so I’ve lined up a whole slew of guest writers for the week. I hope y’all enjoy them and the music they bring to our attention as much as I am. I’ll be back early next week.

Today’s post comes from the owner of dumbwhore (i can only imagine the google search hit’s I am gonna get from that).

The Graveyard Nightmares are a band that I got to see a few times live a few years ago. They’re broken up now, sadly, but their myspace is still alive. Jon and Josh are a couple of mop-headed twins that have a great stage presence while they play bass and guitar. TJ is this little fucker from the IRS who really works the crowd with the microphone. This dude is fucking rock and roll and knows it. Dave is a cornball guitarist who crushes as well.

They were, from the outside, a very clean band along the substance abuse/straight edge lines. And I enjoyed watching them perform because their crowd would go fucking supernova. I’d never seen The Braveheart before. For that matter, I’d never even heard of one the most awesome innovations on moshing that I’ve ever seen. Sure, who hasn’t been in the pit, whirling and stomping and shoving and grunting and you know, fucking shit up. But The Braveheart is a play on the movie Braveheart and TJ would split the crowd up and have them line up against the walls. Then they’d rush the other side on command just fucking slaughter them. I saw people flipping in mid-air and not of their own volition. It was brilliant.

Since then, some of the members have grouped back together as The Runaway Sons. Don’t get them confused with a band with much older members called simply Runaway Son. It looks like Jon, Josh and TJ made it, picked up a drummer and another guitarist. The sound is similar but a little bit harder. I’d be surprised if the straight edge didn’t go to the side as they became 21 and alcohol was easier and more standard in their peer groups. The booze and this shitty life will put a little spine in you as move on in this world and I think the sound reflects that.

Jerk and Gyrate is a pretty standard rock song, by which I simply mean that it rocks and I like it. TJ seems to be strongest when he attempts 80’s style of singing with the expectation of a band member or the crowd responding back to him with the chorus.

Graveyard Rock N Roll will probably always be my most favorite song of theirs. The MP3 doesn’t do it justice as when the band has the crowd at 11 they can really set them on fire with this number.

Look, unless you see video of them, you just won’t get their impact. How often do you see a band with this much energy fucking tearing a place down right next to the pinball machines?

The Graveyard Nightmares - Graveyard Rock N' Roll     

The Runaway Sons - Kathleen Turner Overdrive     

Graveyard Nightmares Myspace, The Runaway Sons Myspace


  1. December 18, 2008    

    decent review, but i never worked for the irs, it was a government contract job, since then i’ve quit and moved to austin. and daveyard is more rock n roll than anyone realize, he’s in several bands right now, and his up and coming pop punk band is sure to suprise a few of his more hardcore fans.

  2. December 18, 2008    

    Good luck in Austin man. That’s a great town. Spent a few years there and would probably still be there if I hadn’t been given a job offer in KC.

  3. August 21, 2009    

    and since THEN
    they got a new singer and are putting out a 7 song EP

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