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This post comes from 9B contributor pledge Charles Hale. Lemme know what you guys think.

You know how new music can sneak up on you and sink in you like the venom from a rattlesnake? The Cave Singers’ third album No Witch is sneaky like that. The venom’s like you heard them for the first time while catching a ride with a girl you had met a few days before. Your car was in the shop, you needed a ride to work at the warehouse where you moved piles of boxes into other piles of boxes and you’d asked her for the ride the night before while sitting at the bar with her and some mutual friends. You’d done this a few nights before while the two of you put the stools on top of the bar at closing time and she’d said something like “wow, I don’t know if I’ve ever met anybody exactly like you” and you said “me, I’m the lucky one. Bourbon drinks and late night quiet, see you soon.” and she told you that’s what she meant.

No Witch was playing in her fairly old Chevrolet when she picked you up and you thought it was Iron & Wine on a shit ton of espresso for a minute but you finally had to ask. She told you who it was while turning up the volume. When “Black Leaf” started she was banging on the steering wheel like you figured your heart would be thumping later, when you’d see her after work at the bar and she’d drive you home and you’d lean in for the kiss.

Each song was rhythmic and charged with memorable guitar work and hauntingly effervescent lyrical delivery. Traffic was terrible and the ride to work was taking longer than normal but it didn’t matter to you because of the girl and The Cave Singers and by the time “Haystacks” played you thought that if things went as you were hoping; No Witch would be a great album to play next week when she stayed over at your house for the first time. You imagined moving with her to these songs that despite being rustic and grimy had heapings of soul to them.

You were so confident and engrossed that between songs you hit the power button and asked her if she would meet you at the bar later. “I want to get out tonight,” she said. “But I have to pick my boyfriend up from the airport and I don’t know what he’ll be up for.” You were crushed and pissed at your friends. They could have given you a heads up and you hit the power button again. The somber tones of the singer’s voice wrapping around you like the hoodie you wished it was cold enough to be wearing right now so you could cover and hide. Clearly you had read something wrong and you wondered if she could feel your face blushing. Suddenly you were reminded of how long of a shift it would be today.

Or, maybe you were just sitting at home on a Friday night watching music videos on Youtube because you hadn’t met the girl you asked to drive you to work one day even when you didn’t need the ride. One band leading to another and another till you found yourself listening to “No Prosecution If We Bail” four times in a row and your hair tingling a bit each time the singer howled. So you opened more beers and found more songs by these Cave Singers and ordered the album hoping you’d meet a girl interesting enough to play No Witch for in her fairly old Chevrolet.

And maybe she’d be wearing glasses and have two paperback books stuffed in her glove box.

Either way, No Witch is Essential Listening.

The Cave Singers – Black Leaf
The Cave Singers – Haystacks
The Cave Singers – No Prosecution If We Bail

The Cave Singers Official Site, The Cave Singers on Facebook, Buy No Witch


  1. Who wrote that one?
    He/she carried that story to the end, good job.

    Also, has a girl ever written a full post here?

  2. Hey Charles, Mike is calliin you a he-she. Seriously though,only heard couple songs from these guys before this & wasnt moved but this is great!

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