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It took an amazing artist for me to ask Autopsy IV if I could write my first guest post after six years of visiting 9b. In August of this year, I compiled a list of my top five artists to see live that I’ve never seen live. This is my list in priority order:

1. The Weight
2. Joshua Black Wilkins
3. J Roddy Walston
4. William Elliott Whitmore
5. The Fox Hunt

In September, I was able to see William Elliott Whitmore. And, after this weekend I’ll be able to cross Joshua Black Wilkins off that list.

I discovered JBW’s music in 2005 after learning that Rich Gilbert of Frank Black & The Catholics was frequently playing guitar and pedal steel with JBW in the bars of East Nashville. In 2005, I bought Hellbent and Brokenhearted, copied it to cassette, and listened to the record as I drove the California coast from San Diego to San Francisco in my Eldorado. Immediately after coming home, I bought JBW’s first two records, Black Boots and a Suitcase and 17th & Shelby.

In 2006, Rich Gilbert produced JBW’s 5-song EP Pretty as a Junkyard and played guitar and pedal steel on the record. As a Catholics fan, I love the loud guitars, distortion, and feedback that are so much heavier than the acoustic songs of Hellbent and Brokenhearted.

JBW writes love songs, but with love comes lust, hate, and revenge. On While You Wait, JBW plays these songs with loud guitars. But, he also continues to write acoustic love songs that are much more about heartache like on The Girlfriend Sessions. No matter what your preference, if you love real country music, I bet you’ll love seeing Joshua Black Wilkins play his ass off and sing his heart out on Saturday night. Come to the Local 662 in St. Pete. on the 17th. And get there early, he’s opening for Face to Face’s acoustic set.

Joshua Black Wilkins - Jaded     

Joshua Black Wilkins – Make Sure I’m Dead
Joshua Black Wilkins - Don't Think That I     


  1. willy willy
    November 15, 2012    

    not sure how this dude slipped through my music radar, he is definitely good. just bought this record and while you wait. thanks for the tip man.

  2. Phineas Phineas
    November 15, 2012    

    Yea same here, I like the looks of your list HUGE J Roddy Walston fan here, not familiar with the weight, found a band with a myspace page is that them?? Everything else is about the Band (take a load off annie)….the myspace band I found is pretty solid though (it says they’re ” Country / Powerpop / Soul” lol) out of Brooklyn, just curious as I’m definitely into your other 4 and if they’re #1 then I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT!!!! Anyways thanks for the post – I’m a fellow long time 9B reader/lurker/creep…..

    • Mike Ostrov Mike Ostrov
      November 15, 2012  

      The Weight, the band ^

      I never got hooked on them, but that’s a good enough album

      • November 15, 2012    

        My wife was in New York a few years back for a hair class. After dinner all her co-workers were going to a night club so she called me up and asked if there was anything better to do than that….a few minutes of looking showed that The Weight (10 Mile Grace era) were playing a few blocks down from her hotel. She did that instead.

        I’m jealous to this day….

  3. Phineas Phineas
    November 15, 2012    

    One more thing – J ROddy is defintiely on my list to see, I’ve forgot to buy tickets in advance to his shows near me (in Raleigh NC) and when I got there it was fucking sold out. Twice. The first time the people in front of me in line got in but they were then at full capacity…….only my own dumbass fault to blame but it’s gonna make it that much better when I actually do see him

  4. November 15, 2012    

    Right on. So who wrote this up?

  5. November 15, 2012    

    Oh shit! My buddy Nate wrote it up.
    I need to add that.

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