Hot diggidty damn! This is the cool kind of shit you hope to get from Guest Posts. Who knew Roy had a side project? I had heard of it but I didn’t know too much about it. Luckily, Jessica Bromwell is here to fill us in.

Jessica Bromwell is a music and booze enthusiast, so she feels at home on, even though she makes her home in Memphis. She will gladly tell you about all about the city’s many, many great acts: start the discussion at

So, AIV goes out of town, and all hell, it has broken loose. Not only are we doing a sneak peek, but we’re sneak peeking electronica (gasp, shudder, groan). It’ll be fun, though, promise. Who’s opposed to fun? Certainly not Overjoid.

Overjoid is Lucero drummer Roy Berry and visual artist Terance Brown. A common love of strange music, art, and drugs brought these two together, and they started their sonic experiment in 1997. 1998 found them playing live with a table full of boxes, buttons, and knobs (and the occasional clock radio) thrifted and collected from pawn shops with what money was left over from meager paychecks. This release has them collaborating with some of Memphis’ finest, including perennial favorite Cory Branan.

Overjoid – is the new is the new is the new (with guest Cory Branan)

The music is hard to characterize; it lies somewhere between experimental/ambient and beat-driven: sometimes cacophonous, sometimes achingly beautiful, by turns mellifluous and frenzied, often epic. You can tell that this music was made by artists who, in a world full of the equivalent of sonic wallpaper, made the conscious decision to not be boring, choosing instead to create lush and textural soundscapes.

So your knickers were wadded about getting a (fictional) look inside Ben’s bed in $5 Cover. . . what about an honest-to-god look inside Roy’s headspace? Crazy! The album, Energy Drank (a double vinyl with included CD), will be coming to mail order and merch tables near you in the spring. To tide you over, look for Overjoid in all the usual places (e.g., myspace: and some as yet not-so-usual places (e.g. bandcamp:, where the entire album is up).

Overjoid – Just Like It s On The Record
Overjoid – Begin


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