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Note from Autopsy IV: I am out this weekend babysitting my new puppy so I’ve lined up a whole slew of guest writers for the week. I hope y’all enjoy them and the music they bring to our attention as much as I am. I’ll be back early next week.

Today’s post comes from Ariel Schwartz. Ariel Schwartz hails from many places, but currently lives in NYC (Wash Heights) and is currently working towards a bachelors of science in the field of Electrical Engineering at Columbia U. He also authors the music blog in his not so spare time.

Marc Broussard is one of a class of young talented (white) bluesmen that popped up in the past ten years. Joining the ranks of Jonny Lang, Joe Bonamassa, and Derek Trucks, Marc is one of a class of students of the guitar who are trying to bring this genre back to the mainstream.

Yet, while Lang and Bonamassa seem to be pure students of the blues (Trucks will be excluded, because his blues playing is defined by the already set style of the Allman Brothers Band), Marc manages to take his influences, and know when to use them, and when to abuse them.

Exhibit A would have to be his most famous, track- Home. The thumping beat of the song is something that seems like it would be more at home as the into to a rap track, than to a delta blues cut. Yet, Broussard is able to combine the two genres; taking his blues influences, and giving them more of a beat and a rhythm than most others.

To show how he can both hop-up the blues, but can also sing with that same soul as the rest of them, here are two versions of the song Home; the cut from the record, and a live acoustic version of the song.

So whether you like your blues cooked with a little more rhythm, or you like it old school and au natural, check out both of these track- they’re bound to leave you pleased feeling satisfied.


Home (Acoustic)     

Marc Broussard’s Official Site, Buy Marc Broussard’s music


  1. Tim Tim
    December 19, 2008    

    Wicked. Thanks for sharing. –Tim

  2. Kt Kt
    December 28, 2008    

    INCREDIBLE. I really love it..thanks for the post and the rec!

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