Today we got another guest post from Mr. Adam Fenwick (many more of these and we’ll have to make him an official contributor) about a band he really loves that’s never received any run here on 9B despite me being a fan of the band. Anyhow, enjoy!

For the last three months, I’ve had Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2010 circled on a calendar I keep tacked to my bulletin board at work. Not because it was a birthday, not because it was an anniversary, but because that was the day real rock and roll was scheduled to arrive in my mail box.

Mulennium, the most recent release from southern rock/jam band stalwarts Gov’t Mule, is something I and many other diehard fans have been waiting for a very long time. For the uninitiated, I’ll give a quick summary.

The band started off as a power trio, featuring Warren Haynes (lead singer/guitar), Allen Woody (bass) and Matt Abts (drums). The group released a few albums and had just released what many expected to be their breakout record, Life Before Insanity, in February of 2000 when Woody died of a drug overdose in August of the same year.

While the band continued forward with a new bass player (who has since come and gone), things were never quite the same. To put it into perspective, its like Shooter Jennings without Leroy Powell, although not quite as fucking awful. The band was still good (great when Widespread Panic bassist Dave Schools would play with them), but they were never the same without Woody’s passionate and heavy bass line.

Fast forward to Aug. 3, 2010, and we find Mulennium, a recording of the bands New Years Eve show Atlanta, Ga., on Dec. 31, 1999, released to the general public. The major selling point is this: the record features the original lineup of Haynes, Woody and Abts in their prime (it should be noted this is the first release to feature the original lineup since Woody died).

Playing this record is like a flashback to the glory days of hard bass lines and gutsy guitar rifts that this band was known for 10 years ago. Not only does the record feature Gov’t Mule favorites like Lay Your Burden Down, Blind Man In The Dark and Towering Fool, but it also features a number of covers (a Gov’t Mule New Years Eve tradition) such as Helter Skelter, 30 Days in the Hole and Simple Man, as well as blues legend Little Milton during the second set.

I know I have absolutely no voting rights here at, but if I did this record would go on the Essential Listening list without a second thought. If you like loud as fuck rock and roll with a heavy bass, buy this record. You won’t be disappointed.

Gov’t Mule (w/Audley Freed) – Helter Skelter
Gov’t Mule (w/Audley Freed) – 30 Days In The Hole

Gov’t Mule’s Official Site, Gov’t Mule on myspace, Buy Mulennium


  1. Wow- I was there and did not realize they were releasing this. I’ve seen them a few times since then but haven’t really kept up with them lately. This show was at the roxy in Atlanta. I’m a big Crowes fan and if I remember correctly Audley Freed came out and played on Simple Man….I maybe wrong it was a hell of a night if you know what I mean…anyway THANKS! I’ll be ordering this now

  2. You are correct, Roxy in Atlanta. And yes, Mr. Freed played on several songs at the end of the show, including Simple Man.

  3. I saw them at Myrtle Beach House of Blues on August 3 where they did the official release of this and did a signing after the show. Great show. Almost 3 hours long.

  4. I was vaguely made aware of Gov’t Mule after reading about them in guitar magazines. This was back in the day before the interwebs and music blogs. Not long after, a wedding announcement in the local paper caught my eye, announcing the marriage of a local girl to a Mr. Allen Woody, whose listed profession was musician. Not too long after I read about Woody’s death and it hit me harder than it should have because he was “local.” I’m going to have to check this record out.

  5. If you love hearing Woody and don’t mind downloads, there are a couple of Mule shows available on their website “Mule Tracks” that feature him from back in the day.

    I was down the street at Phillips this night for Panic but wished I could have been in two places at once. Great release and it’s about time. I like the new version of the band a lot more than you do but the old stuff is still the best.

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