The following is a guest post by Laura Allmon, whom I met due to 9B and have shared many a drink with since.

Cyrus’ new album Dreamers of The Day fully embodies the sounds that one would expect from a typical Texas honky tonk. When I heard Cyrus’ first album I instantly thought how his music would be a high point in my night if I were to hear it playing on the juke-box in my favorite dive bar or how I would be delighted to stumble into a central Texas dance hall and find him on stage. His strong husky voice is just the sound that makes a Southern woman swoon and every song tells a story and sells the emotions while backed by a sound that makes you feel like scooting your boots across the hardwood.

When I found out his second album was on the way I was beyond excited to get my hands on it. I knew I would be pleased but I did not expect to be this in love with it. I cannot stop listening to Dreamers of The Day. It hasn’t left my CD player since I received it and I tell everyone I meet about him. This album does not disappoint. It offers a variety of upbeat songs that speak to those begging for a lover to see the good side of person such as Bad Man and My Crutch and I Don’t Cry When it Rains. It also has notable tunes that tell the tale of dedication and love while keeping with the great classic country sound and avoiding the mushy pop love-ballad sound that becomes so saturated such as I’ll Be The Whiskey, which is my personal favorite, and True Love (Bonnie and Clyde). Keeping with the classic country sound Cyrus has included on this album Blue Collar, Old Friend (Desperado), Maria, Tumbleweed, and Long Way Down which tell the honest sad stories of life, love lost, and growing.

Perhaps I love Cyrus’ sound and songs so much because I grew up in a rural East Texas town and listened to similar music with my parents and it’s the nostalgia, or perhaps his music just reminds me that there is good country music still available that doesn’t include lyrics about a girl in short shorts on a tailgate being treated like objects, and it gives me hope. I suggest you get Cyrus James in your ears as
soon as possible and improve your life!

Bad Man
I’ll be The Whiskey

Cyrus James’ official site


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