Autopsy IV note: A couple of nights back I posted a help wanted post on the site in an effort to find some additional (and consistent) contributors. For the time being I am gonna post their posts as guest posts for a little while as we nail down the site since the great spam hack of 2011 and as they prove who will be consistent and who’s gonna decide this bloggery isn’t for them.

This post comes from 9B contributor pledge Charles Hale. Lemme know what you guys think.

Remember that one parade you saw that time. It was in the backyard a few yards down from yours, they were having a cookout, with beers and instruments and a couple of small kids, and you were wishing you had friends like that. You watched them having a good time and wondered what their jokes were about and then a parade broke out. Four or five guys began marching and their costumes were only the clothes they had on and the music they played was catchy and fun but you had to work a little bit to find the melody but once you found it you were humming along.

That was Centro-Matic who started the accidental parade and they were playing their new album Candidate Waltz. And the music was so good you were expecting them to march right out to the street and play their music for the people that surely must be waiting with flags waving and sunglasses on. But instead they stayed in the backyard and played with their eyes closed.

If you know anything about Centro-Matic it’s probably about how prolific their bandleader Will Johnson is. There are all the CM albums plus the South San Gabriel albums and the solo albums and with all these songs it’s unfair to expect all of them to be amazing. But Candidate Waltz is another very solid set from Centro-Matic. Is it better than my favorite Distance & Clime, or the popular Love You Just The Same, probably not, but Centro-Matic songs take a good while to set in. There are new pops and crackles on Candidate Waltz but what’s still there is carefully crafted and intelligently written songs. Very intelligent. Shit, their roadies are probably more intelligent than I am. Listen to “All The Talkers.” It’s about people in a bar checking out a band. The first half of the song is loud and cluttered then about halfway through the bar closes. People meander to the bar to close their tabs and try to figure out how to get home. The song slows, the melody wallows and wanders. Finally the door guy pushes the talkers to the sidewalk but they’re stoked. Just like you were when you watched the parade from two houses over.

Centro-Matic – All The Talkers
Centro-Matic – Iso Residue
Centro-Matic – Talk You Down

Centro-Matic’s Official Site, Centro-Matic on Facebook, Buy Candidate Waltz


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