LOL. I thought I’d already written about this album, but the other day I was looking for the review only to discover that I’d completely dropped the ball on it. Greenland is Melting is one of my favorite bands in Florida and very well might be the funnest (is funnest a word?) one to see live.

(Caution: Personal anecdote alert!) Sometimes, on twitter, some of my buddies and I play this game we’ll call #genericana. The point of the game is to write cliché loaded lines like the ones you’d find in blogs and magazines that stand out as signs that the reviewer really couldn’t come up with anything to say about a cd, so they reached into the go-to phrase bag. An example of this would be something like, “his whiskey soaked vocals with enough gravel road in them to leave your speakers dusty.” Another one is to mention a porch. It’s front porch music or back porch music or wrap around or….well, you get the point. Unfortunately, I have to use one of these terms here cause GiM’s sound is porch music. Be it front, back, middle or side to side, their 3-piece sound is exactly what “porch music” is, and I’d imagine no less than 10 of the songs saw their birth on some stoop somewhere in jortsvil….ERRRR…Gainesville.

While my writing about Greenland Is Melting might border on predictable and cliche, the band avoids being either. The band builds on that ragged folk-country with a punk attitude that they established on their debut album, Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue (free download here). I coined this phrase the first time I wrote about Greenland is Melting and it applies to them more than any other band I’ve recycled it for here on ninebullets, so I feel it bears repeating, “the best way for me to describe this band would be to say that they sound like what I wanted to hear the first time I heard The Avett Brothers.” If none of this has been enough to convince you that you need to check this album then how about if I tell you that it also features Jon Gaunt on a few tracks, as well as zombie songs?

Zombie songs muthafuckers. I should have just typed that and pressed post.

Greenland Is Melting – The Dead Are Watching
Greenland Is Melting – Always
Greenland Is Melting – No One’s Listening

Greenland Is Melting’s Website, Greenland Is Melting on Facebook, Greenland Is Melting on Spotify, Buy Where Were We <-- FOR TWO FRIGGIN' DOLLARS!


  1. Good dudes, them.

    If you live in Jortsvegas/Gainesville, go out to see them this Friday night at Loosey’s (where Market Street used to be) along with the incredible Nook & Cranny and Billy Wallace (who used to play in Tim Barry’s band). $5.

    I’ll be there in jorts, because it’s hot as fuck all the time.

    1. They have some songs on their reverbnation and myspace pages, but no album yet. They are recording that album right now with (I think) Rob McGregor, who produced 88% of the good albums to ever come out of Gainesville.

  2. I’ve never heard this band, but I wanted to say that I like your anecdote. Sounds like a fun game! 😉

  3. Yes sir another album I like brought to you by 9B….I added it too my Delta Spirit, Todd Snider new album playlist and set too repeat….with Women and Work of course! That’s 4 awesome albums I’ve got playing so far tonight. Thanks again AIV & 9B


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