In the annals of music journalism, blogging and general status posting, one of those terrible abused terms repeatedly used would have to be “__________ is one of the best bands you’ve never heard of!!!!!111!!11!1!11.” Fifty percent of the time they’re referring to a band that’s in constant rotation on one of the Clear Channel monogenre channels, 25% of the time it’s some obscure garage band that has 1 single self-recorded off an 80’s era boombox and uploaded to soundcloud, 15% of the time it’s in a band’s one-sheet, but the other 10% of the time, it very well may be true.

I am of the belief the Grayson Capps falls into the last 10% of the time. I am not of the belief that the “Grayson Capps is one of the best bands you’ve never heard of” statement holds true for the vast majority of ninebullets readers, but I don’t think you have to wander very far into the sea of humanity before a Grayson fan becomes as rare as a Rick Scott supporter.

This review is so late, I may as well be writing about the album before it. I’ve been really hesitant to write about the album for the fear of sounding like a “fanboy”, but the other day I said something to a friend that brought it all into focus. I said, “Ninebullets is a hobby site, we have no journalistic integrity to lose”, and while that’s completely true, I sometimes forget about it.

One of my favorite lines I’ve ever written on was in a Grayson Capps review. I wrote, “I find myself drawn to the drunks, whores and vagabonds that haunt Grayson’s songs. They’re like old friends you keep up with via letters in the mail, and with a new album comes new updates.The Lost Cause Minstrels (named after his band) doesn’t really bring me an update on Grayson’s company of drunks, whores and vagabonds. Instead, it flips the script by bringing us an update on Grayson himself, saving his company for the sidebars. The results don’t suffer at all and end up producing one of the (if not the) best songs of the year in “Highway 42”.

One thing’s for sure. You’re gonna see this album mentioned around here again in the coming weeks. Another thing that’s for sure, it’s Essential Listening.

Grayson Capps – Highway 42
Grayson Capps – Rock N Roll
Grayson Capps – John The Dagger

Grayson Capps’ Official Site, Grayson Capps on Facebook, Grayson Capps on Spotify, Buy The Lost Cause Minstrels


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