Feb 252013

As you can see above, I messed my wrist up a little bit. Bright and early tomorrow morning I am headed in to get those 2 pieces of bone screwed back together.

Ninebullets will resume normal operations as soon as it doesn’t hurt too bad to type.


All fixed:

Autopsy IV

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  2. I had no idea you did it up quite that badly.
    Enjoy getting screwed.

  3. Sorry bout that man shit sucks I’m all to familiar, shattered both my heels a while back…..good luck with everything, and my advice to anyone with something like this is to DO THE PHYSICAL THERAPY!!! I broke mine on separate occasions & still regret not thoroughly doing the PT on the first one…………

    • Hey hope all is going well with the healing / vicodin party / etc!! Just wanted to tell yall I got to see Slaid Cleaves last night, they didn’t promote it at all but luckily I found out last night about 30 minutes before it started! And Grayson Capps on Sunday!!!! Never seen him before so excited man!

      Wish you luck with the healing process! (One other piece of advice – make sure any medications they give you are taken with copious amounts of Whiskey…..the bottles may advise you otherwise, but that’s more of a suggestion lol)

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