Jan 312013

The best band in Murfreesboro/the world, Glossary, is on a west coast tour right now. They stopped in L.A. to record an episode of the sports/music podcast Sklarboro Country. The podcast is hosted by Randy and Jason Sklar, stand up comedians who have, among many other credits, guest-hosted “The Jim Rome Show” and created the amazing “Cheap Seats” for ESPN Classic. Fuck yeah, Glossary! You usually don’t get to hear Glossary talk about their own (long) history and music in this much detail very often. Hilarious actor and suspect stand-up Nick Kroll is the show’s other guest.

Listen to the podcast Sklarboro Country #131 at Earwolf.com or over at iTunes or at Glossary’s website.

Mike Ostrov

relays the history of north american popular song on message boards and under rocks


  1. Just listened to this..pretty damn good.

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