It’s said that a picture is worth 1000 words. If we accept that as fact, then what is a video worth? Could a simple 60 second video count as a review for an album? And if so, could a band review their own album with a 60 second video?

I wondered all of this as I pondered what I was going to write about Glossary’s new album, Long Live All Of Us.

It’s easy to write about an album. Describe the sound, toss out a few comparison bands, throw in a cliche or two and you’re done. Some albums such as Long Live All Of Us, well, they need more. Simply describing the sound of Long Live All Of Us would be doing a disservice to it. Sometimes an album is about feel and I’m not talented enough to capture the feel of this album with words, but lead singer Joey Kneiser did it perfectly with this video:

That’s it. Long Live All Of Us feels like dancing barefoot in a field with your girl. It’s Essential Listening, and while there are probably lots of better songs, it’s probably the best album to come out this year.

RIYL: essential, kickass, and cannonballs

And who doesn’t like cannonballs?

Glossary – A Shoulder To Cry On
Glossary – Nothing Can Keep Me Away
Glossary – The Flood

Glossary’s Official Site, Glossary on Facebook, Glossary on Spotify, Buy Long Live All Of Us

7 thoughts on “GLOSSARY – LONG LIVE ALL OF US”

  1. Hands down best album of the year so far, from my favorite band going right now.

  2. Best album to dance with your best girl with. The trailers are the absolute best! I think you have to buy the album after watching them.!

  3. This album was completely not was I was expecting (at the Thin Lizzy styled previous album)…but it’s absolutely a home run. The video clip absolutely captures the feeling of the album. Easily my top of the year at this point…

  4. Idk why but these are showing up on Hypemachine as “unknown track” it would be good if you know a way to fix it since these guys deserve the exposure

  5. After living with iut for a bit now I have to say it is pretty incredible. Better than Feral Fire which I totally did not expect.

  6. That’s what my original review was gonna be:

    Glossary – Long Live All Of Us.
    Better than Feral Fire and as good as dancing with your baby in the sunset.
    Essential Listening.

    Austin Lucas
    Thu, November 10, 2011
    Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)
    The Orpheum
    Tampa, FL
    $8.00 – $11.00

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