Next month a good chunk of the Suburban Home roster is gonna convene upon Denver for a weekend of music, BBQ, garage sales and plenty of drinking. Having mostly recovered from my revelry up in Minneapolis and still being pretty bitter about Two Cow Garage not coming to the Tampa Bay area, I’m doing what any other stupid fuck with no money and less sense does: I’m quoting Tim Barry, saying “fuck tomorrow and fuck all the yesterday’s” and flying to Denver. Yup, good ol’ Autopsy IV is gonna exchange flat Florida’s heat for Denver’s elevation for a long weekend.

Anyhow, I expect this weekend to be a complete blast. I’ll finally get to meet the infamous Virgil and I hope to make some new friends while I am there. Perhaps, I can meet you. See, in order to be able to go on this adventure I had to agree not to buy anymore whiskey for the house until after I get back. Turns out, the money we save from that will pay for the hotel for the entire weekend. So, needless to say, I’ll be quite parched by the time I get to Denver. Suburban Home Records was kind enough to give me a pair of tickets to give away on the site and I’ve come up with a plan.

If you’re in the Denver area (or planning on coming to the show) and you are feeling generous, email me ( an IOU for a whiskey drink @ 3 Kings Tavern. I’ll collect all the IOU’s and on Monday we’ll draw one randomly for the tickets courtesy of Suburban Home Records & (Free tickets are pretty fancy, too. Hell, I’m flying out there and I’m buying tickets).

Winner will be notified via email on Monday afternoon & I’ll be sure to cash in on all the IOU’s when we see each other in about a month!

For now, here is the artist roster for the weekend with an mp3 for each:

Friday Night:

Joey Cape – Errands
Jon Snodgrass – Brave With Strangers
Austin Lucas – Somebody Loves You
Josh Small – Move your Hips
Jr. Juggernaut – Another Two Weeks
In the Red – Unlaced
Look Mexico – I Had A Wrench and I Hit Him

Saturday Night:

Tim Barry – This November
Two Cow Garage – Should’ve California
Chad Price – Unknown Song (Live From 3 Kings Tavern)
Ninja Gun – Restless Rubes
Mike Hale – Lives Like Mine
The Revenge – Like A Fine Bottle
The Takers – Curse Of A Drunk


  1. I had to agree not to buy anymore whiskey for the house until after I get back

    I’m guessing the person you made this agreement with is Mrs. AutopsyIV? Sounds like she’s one smart lady!

  2. I was thinking about going to Denver for the SH party but then I saw a lineup that was only a long car trip away. Sept. 18th at the Ash Street Saloon in Portland, OR: The Dry County Crooks, Mike D. & Thee Loyal Bastards & Two Cow Garage.

    Please put The Dry County Crooks on your to do list. They are Straight Spotucky.

  3. I’ll IOU a whiskey drink but I don’t need to be in the running for the tickets. I’ll be looking forward to meeting you Mr Autopsy.

  4. Man, not only will I buy you whiskey, but I can probly offer you a place to crash. I live maybe 4 blocks from there and I love your writing man, you’ve turned me on to some of my favorite country music. Email me if you’d be intersted. Looking forward to meeting you.

  5. Hey Matty,

    I’ve got a room all booked up but thanks for the offer. We should meet up over the weekend though.

    It’s gonna be a blast.

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