The first mournful strains of “Baby’s Got A Dream,” the opening cut from Sweet Nothings, the fourth album by Girls Guns and Glory, set the tone.

Ward Hayden croons like a lovelorn Chris Issak, drunk from defeat, his heart broken and bleeding in his hand.

The window is open, your hand is out
Searching for something, you want it now
There’s only so much to go around
And while I’m treading water, the ship is going down

Then at the 1:27 mark, the gates open, and the entire band kicks in, pressing the throttle down, like a flaming machine driving straight into the storm, jangly guitars and thundering kickdrum propelling this dark voyage into the unknown.

She loves me not, pick the petals and watch them drop
‘Til the last one remains
Pick them back up, needle and thread and all stitched up
Play the game again
Don’t worry now, things will never be the same

Over the next 10 cuts, the Boston, MA-based band kicks up dirt, spits whiskey in the eye and plants a flag firmly in the ass of tired, cliched country.

But make no mistake, there ain’t no happy ending to be found here.

By the time you reach “Universe Began,” the closing track, Hayden and Co. (Paul Dilley on electric and upright bass,
Michael Calabrese on drums and Chris Hersch sharing vocals plus electric guitar and banjo) have come full circle and back face to face with unrequited, unreturned love.

In one of the saddest refrains ever written, Hayden whispers on “Universe Began”:

The universe began and someday it’s going to end
I’ll love you til my heart gives out
You keep on telling me we’d be better off as friends
I’ll love you til my heart gives out

In between, though, there’s a few serious drinking songs, a whole lot of heartbreak and some of the finest damn music to come out yet this year.

Do yourself and your stereo a favor, go find this album. Buy it, download it, borrow it from your friend (but be prepared not to give it back).  Sweet Nothings is not only Essential Listening, it’s an early candidate for Album of the Year.

Girls Guns and Glory – Baby’s Got a Dream
Girls Guns and Glory – Sweet Nothings
Girls Guns and Glory – Universe Began

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  1. On a whim I picked up this band’s EP and played it on my college radio show four years ago. It’s good to know they’re still around!

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