Girls, Guns & Glory – Pretty Little Wrecking Ball

The message board muses strike again! As I’ve said before, band message boards are a great place to hear about new bands and local bands that aren’t local to you. A regular poster on the Lucero message board made mention of Girls, Guns & Glory in a thread one day so I decided to check out their Internet presence. What I heard on their myspace site made me curious so I asked for a cd and here we are.

Girls, Guns & Glory were voted best local band in Boston this year. Their song Big Man was used as the soundtrack to ESPN’s “Best Slam Dunks of the Year” sequence during 2007’s March Madness, and it was also selected by Radio Shack for a national TV ad campaign that began airing last week. I guess what I’m saying is that even though you haven’t heard of GGG yet; you will. Like, right now.

Girls, Guns & Glory are Ward Hayden (vocals), Colin Toomey (lead guitar), Bruce Beagley (bass), Brendan Murphy (percussion) and John T. Graham (drums). Pretty Little Wrecking Ball is their follow-up release to 2005’s Fireworks and Alcohol. It was recorded over a 5 month period during last summer’s heatwave at Noise in the Attic Studios in Scituate, MA. I think this quote by front-man Ward Hayden really sums up the cd, “We chose a lot of takes, not because they were the best executed takes, but because they had the best feeling. Our choices were based more on performance than execution.” The cd really does have a soul of it’s own and you can’t help but to tap your feet and bounce in your seat a little when it plays. Sounding like a bouncier version of Lyle Lovette, GGG’s achieve a toe-tapping type of sorrow backed by a classic rock and roll soundtrack. The only weakness to the cd is that many of the songs sound similar but that ain’t keeping me from adding this disc to the essential listening list. The damn thing is just too much fun not to. Check these guys. You might find yourself saying you were listening to them back when one day.

Girls, Guns & Glory – Big Man
Girls, Guns & Glory – Here’s to the Girls
Girls, Guns & Glory – Brown Bottle Blues

Girls, Guns & Glory Official Site, Girls, Guns & Glory on myspace, Buy Pretty Little Wrecking Ball

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  1. I’ve been following these guys for a little while, and I can tell you that there for real, love both their CD’s, but I think their live performances really bring out the energy to all of their songs. Its refreshing to hear some roots rock and roll with some country roots, its the simple melodies that are the best if you ask me. If like Tom Petty, Johnny Case, or Ryan Adams, you will definitely not regret giving these guys a listen.

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