Rolling Stone is streaming a track from Patterson Hood’s upcoming album, Heat Lightning Rumbles In The Distance (out September 11). The track is called “Come Back Little Star,” features Kelly Hogan and as Patterson describes it, it was her song originally, “She began the lyrics as a song for our late, dear friend Vic Chesnutt, and I rewrote it with the intention of her recording it for her album,” Hood tells Rolling Stone. “She ended up letting me put it on my album and it’s a highlight to me.

You can check out the track here.

The Gaslight Anthem have also made their upcoming album, Handwritten, available over on NPR as a complete album stream. The album will be out July 24 and, I dunno, after a first pass, it kind of feels like more of the same to me. I’ll listen to it some more before passing judgement to be sure but if I don’t warm to it Gaslight might go down as the go to band when warning against wanting bands to just write the same album over and over (i’m talking to you Lucero detractors).

Anyhow, give it a listen and tell me what you think.


  1. Gaslight is definitely a band with a formula, and I have no issue with that, because I absolutely love what they do. There are some slight differences between their (now) four albums, and I think this one’s a little punkier, similar to SINK OR SWIM. Either way, one of my favorite bands. Seeing them tonight with Dave Hause in Nashville, excited to see how the new stuff holds up live.

  2. I really dig that Patterson song. As far as bands/songwriters changing up/progressing musically, I bet no one would have ever guessed during the SRO time period that Patterson would have a song on a solo record that featured so much piano. Good for him. Bring on that record.

      1. i think Mercy Buckets is the best song Patterson has written in years. But I do like this direction.
        And in other news: looks like your month away from the social media is getting harder and harder.

  3. Love the Patterson Hood song. More in the mould of the recent Justin Townes Earle record than classic DBT but it works and look forward to buying the album.

    The Gaslight Antham album sounds really good. They do have a distinctive sound but I sense this album is stronger than previous suggestions I have heard that the new songs are just more of the same old stuff.

  4. I think Gaslight is just one of those bands where you like the records the longer you listen to them.

    They killed it in Nashville last night. I had never seen them live before, and the show had the same tenacity of a Lucero show… everyone moving, everyone singing every word. It might be one of the best shows I’ve seen this year (except how do they not play “High Lonesome” i Nashville?). The new songs sounded great too. They played “45” second of the whole set, and played a few others, including “Here Comes My Man” and “Howl” that I caught. Dave Hause opened the show, and was also great.

  5. I really like the new Gaslight Anthem album. That being said, my wife (who likes music that I can’t stand – Tim Mcgraw / Luke Bryan / etc..) loves it also. They are a band that can appeal to pretty much anyone.

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