Even you read Nine Bullets on a regular basis or listen to my radio show or Nine Bullets Radio you’re no doubt familiar with This Is American Music’s releases. In past years they released solo records from Joey and Kelly from Glossary, Lauderdale, Some Dark Holler, The Only Sons and The Pollies, all of which were right up the Nine Bullets’ wheelhouse. We haven’t covered as many TIAM releases this year, not because they haven’t been putting out great stuff, but most likely because they have seriously expanded their sound. Without sacrificing the quality.

This sampler gives you a slice of what’s been going on in the TIAM universe and offers the opportunity to expand our regular 9B pallet. Personal highlights include Dorado, Teen Getaway and Tedo Stone. And if you’re looking for more standard 9B stuff check out Magnolia Mountain, Kent Goolsby and Doc Feldman & The LD50 (review coming as soon as my lazy ass writes it)