Fuck New West?

The DBT fan base is all a flutter over last nights Conan O’Brien appearance. Shonna and Cooley clearly had the letters “FNW” on their instruments. What’s it mean? The obvious conclusion is “Fuck New West” but nobody who knows has spoken about it. What were the names of the people Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife is about? Is anyone the band is close to ill? Perhaps the band bought stock in Far North Wrestling. Any thoughts?

Anyhow, the band played Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife. You can watch the video on NBC’s site. Just select yesterday’s episode (Tues, Mar. 11) and then pick their chapter (5th one in).

Drive By Truckers – Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife

7 thoughts on “Fuck New West?”

  1. While the “fuck new west” idea really makes sense, especially considering BTCD was the end of their contract with New West. My other thought was that it might mean “fool no where”, and you could draw a handful of conclusions from that one.

  2. Its gotta be “FUCK NEW WEST” I think the trend was started by Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, when she wore a shirt that had FTK on the front. Which we all know stood for “Fuck Toby Keith”

    Fuck Nat Whilk (look it up)

    Fuck Noisy Whales

    I have lots more (isomnia sucks) FUCKING NO WINKS! heh

  3. I just saw them in huntsville alabama last night, and it does, indeed, stand for “F*ck New West” but they never explained why… curious!

  4. I also saw them in Huntsville on March 13th. Patterson appeared to explain what Fuck New West meant, but the jabber was too loud to make out what was being said. Plus, the vocals seems low in the mix overall throughout the show.

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