Hey guys. It’s another Friday and to be honest, I am pretty much just counting the minutes until I can blow out of work and go fishing. The weather here in Florida has been fan-fucking-tastic this week and instead of making a post for ninebullets last night the wife and I went canoeing and than headed out to an outdoor bar to enjoy the weather with some beers…so today youget some randomness that I’ve been thinking about posting:

  • I was recently interviewed for a reoccuring piece on the blog Terrible Love Songs where they interview other bloggers. If you’re interested you can read it here. Plus you can see a picture of my hot wife and my ugly mug.
  • It Burns When I Pee released another episode of their monthly podcast last week.  This month’s theme is “So Many Jugs… So Little Time” and features music by Hank Williams, Don Helms and The Meat Purveyors as well as the usual assortment of skits and banter. You can listen to it here.
  • One of my favorite blogs, songs:illinois, posted a track by a band we both share a massive amount of love for, The Sumner Brothers. You can give it a listen here.  Speaking of The Sumner Brothers, earlier this week they sent out a myspace bulletin apologizing for their new cd not being available on CD Baby in time for the cd-release (Sept. 19). Apparently there was a hangup at the border but they assure us that they’ve sent another pack of cds and we should all be able to pick up the cd soon.
  • Speaking of songs:illinois he made a post last week begging for traffic and it got me to thinking…I could use some more traffic as well…and since I ain’t too proud to beg (or bite on other peoples idea) I am totally gonna bogart his post…Tell someone you love about or something. Post about us on your myspace profile…Anything. Like S:I the 9bullets traffic has been trending downward as of late and I’ve been getting a little discouraged.
  • Another day, another digital release. Ben’s solo album yesterday is followed by a man who doesn’t like us too much I don’t think…but it doesn’t matter cause I love his music. The former guitarist of Shooter Jenning’s band (and the man who wrote Shooter’s best songs), Mr. Leroy Powell has digitally released his new album, Angles and Curves. You can pick it up over on his web site for a mere 10 dollars. I am currently on my second pass through it and I am loving it. If you like the classic country sounds of the 80’s legends you’ll love it as well. I’ll be posting a more extend piece on the album in the coming weeks, but for now I’ll offer you a track:
    Leroy Powell – Dollars & Sense

See y’all next week.

8 thoughts on “FRIDAY RANDOMNESS:”

  1. I love your site, too. One of my 3 or 4 favorites – one I check out just about every day. Thanks for the Grayson Capps post. Probably never would have heard of him except for your site. What you’re doing is important!

  2. loved the interview. and ditto on pilk00. i got my new Rev. Deadeye cd because of this site, and it makes me happy. so thanks and keep it coming!

  3. Why do you think Leroy Powell doesn’t dig you? Just curious. and I link to you pretty often, but I don’t have a huge readership yet myself either.

  4. thanks for the kind words everyone.

    dumbwhore: Leroy and I exchanged a few messages a while back that left me feeling that way. A new exchanged on Friday left us at the conclusion that it was all a misunderstanding brought about by the shortcomings of text only communication.

  5. Man, that text only stuff bites me in the ass all the time. It’s amazing how much information people trade when they’re within sight of each other.

    I know languages other than English and it’s interesting how personal space is interpreted in different cultures. In some places a dude will get like an 1″ away from you and he’s not hot for you, he’s just intense about what you’re talking about.

    I think the same stuff happens with text or blogs or whatever. Like, for instance, I’m high right now. If we were in the same room you’d know that in 15 seconds. But over the web I just look like “dumbwhore”, same “dumbwhore” as last post, same “dumbwhore” as two months ago.

    I suspect I’m rambling, so I’ll stop. But please keep jamming the awesome tunes.

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