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I’ve been holding on to these for a few weeks waiting until we switched hosting companies to give them away. Well, we’ve switched (I’m loving it) so here we go. I’ve got (2) coffee to give away to the first two people to email me with the subject line “Coffee Mug!!! I want one!”. BOTH ARE CLAIMED. I decided to post this really early in the morning since we early risers need our coffee. If you wake up too late but still want a mug they can be purchase here. All proceeds from mug sales will go to the “Keeping Autopsy IV drunk” fund.

While we are talking about merchandise I guess now is as good a time as any to mention the official tshirt. I hope to give them away to bands I interview as they come through town. I also hope t start interviewing more bands as they come through town. I know they are kind of pricey but it’s the best I could do without buying a bunch of them. Hopefully I’ll buy a few to give away on the site sometime. Here is a picture of me modeling the, as of now, only existing ninebullets shirt:

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  1. March 28, 2008    

    damn, missed it by a long shot.

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