Free shit on the Fourth of July!

edit: I still have 4 of these.

Some people, like those that fought in the Revolutionary War, earn freedom. Some people find it dropped in their lap even though they do not deserve it. Ain’t that right Mr. Libby. Most of us just work and pay bills and try to have a little fun with the little that is left over. Well today we’ll celebrate freedom with free shit falling in our laps….deserved or not!

Recently those fine little bastards at Suburban Home sent me 10 copies of their 2006/2007 Winter Sampler along with a Drag The River purchase I had made. Awfully nice of them but I already have everything on it that I like. Enter you; the fine fine reader of How would you like to experience some of the Suburban Home Records catalog with no risk? Well. Today’s your lucky day…

The first 10 people to email me their mailing address will get a copy just because I think y’all are the bees knees.

Now, stay safe tonight and remember: DUI’s are really expensive and a big fat pain in the ass so call a cab.

Track Listing:

  1. Love Me Destroyer – Not If You Were The Last Sinner on Earth
  2. Love Me Destroyer – Things Around Us Burn
  3. Drag The River – Embrace The Sound
  4. Drag The River – Medicine
  5. Tim Barry – Avoiding Catatonic Surrender
  6. Ghost Buffalo – Hell Here
  7. The Gamits – How To Escape
  8. Stereotyperider – You’re Not Safe With Us
  9. Adventures of Jet – Drag
  10. Laymen Terms – Verity